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Woodworms in Floorboards?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Prompt Professional Intervention: If you suspect woodworm infestation in your floorboards, swift action is essential. Identify signs like frass, small circular holes, and exit holes. Contact a reputable woodworm treatment agency to assess the extent of the infestation and recommend appropriate action.
  • Professional Woodworm Treatment: Engage a licensed professional to handle woodworm infestations. Specialized inspection and treatment are necessary for effective control. Professionals can identify the type and scale of the infestation, customise a treatment plan, and apply solutions that minimize risks to humans, animals, and the environment. 
  • Moisture Control for Prevention: Keep your wood and timber as dry as possible to prevent and contain woodworm infestations. While it may seem counterintuitive, moist wood attracts woodworms, providing an ideal environment for egg-laying and beetle entry. 


Infestations of floorboards and woodworms should be taken seriously. These minuscule critters, often acknowledged as timber-devouring beetle larvae, can cause chaos on your wooden floors if left unattended. But worry not!

The actions you may take to treat and combat a woodworm larvae infestation in your floorboards will be covered in this tutorial. Everything from diagnosing the issue to making sensible treatment plans has been taken care of for you. Now, let’s commence handling wood borers in your flooring.

If you suspect your floor covering has timber-devouring beetles, you must take prompt action. The initial step is to accurately recognize wood-borer indicators in floorboards, such as frass (a dusty substance), minor circular openings, and exit holes. 

Once confirmed, contact a reputed woodworm treatment agency to establish the entire extent of the infestation and recommend the best course of action.

Treatments may involve fumigation techniques, injectable gels, or surface sprays, depending on the intensity of the infestation. A skilled specialist will secure your home and eliminate the woodworm as soon as possible, causing as little disruption to your daily routine as feasible.

Recall that prevention is essential. By routinely scrutinising and tending to your timber floors, you can identify premature indications of timber-devouring beetles and embark on prompt action. 

Moreover, employing safeguarding therapies or defensive layers can aid in warding off subsequent infestations. By taking the initiative, you may protect your floor covering and maintain the magnificence and wholeness of your lumber flooring for countless years. Reclaim your floors from these pesky visitors by immediately preventing woodworms from taking root!

Call Out a woodworm Professional

The initial action you should take if you discover yourself with a timber-devouring beetle invasion in your residence is to reach out to an expert who can manage your exceedingly vigorous timber-devouring beetle invasion.

Woodworm is a significant condition that requires specialised treatment. A licensed expert must inspect your property and apply a specialised treatment that stops or slows down the woodworm activity and destroys them, removing the possibility that they may reappear in the future.

We provide incredibly efficient techniques for eliminating woodworms from buildings permanently and over an extended period. We start our approach by determining the exact kind of woodworm present on your property and estimating the size of the infestation.

After obtaining this data, our staff can customise a treatment strategy according to the extent, kind, and stage of the infestation on your property. As part of the woodworm treatment spray, we frequently use a water-based solution that minimises dangers to humans, animals, and the environment while instantly killing woodworms upon contact.

Following the treatment, our professionals will comprehensively assess your property, looking closely at any additional wood utilised in its construction to determine the level of structural damage not brought on by the woodworm. We will advise replacing and removing any impacted materials if needed.

To discover how we can aid you in managing a timber-devouring beetle infestation, we welcome you to explore our webpage on timber-devouring beetle intervention. Kindly bear in mind that any non-expert intervention measures will solely serve to cease or momentarily postpone the timber-devouring beetle impairment.

Make a firm decision today by contacting us via our website. Our team of professionals is prepared to help you find a quick and practical solution to your woodworm issue.

Keep Your Wood Dry

Taking further action to contain and prevent the spread of woodworms is crucial, even after you have scheduled an expert to handle your woodworm problem. Ensuring your wood and timber stay as dry as possible is an essential first step.

Even though it might appear contradictory, preventing woodworm infestations requires keeping your wooden elements dry. Although nobody purposefully dampens the wood in their house, keeping moisture to a minimum becomes even more crucial.

The reason for this is because moist wood attracts woodworms. The surfaces that offer the optimum circumstances for their young to burrow into and survive are the ones on which female woodworm beetles like to lay their eggs. Because wet wood is softer and more accessible, moisture in the wood facilitates the laying of eggs and the entry of adult beetles.

Reduce moisture buildup, prevent spills, and ensure your home is adequately ventilated to deter woodworms and make it less inviting to them. Lowering the total moisture content and level of the wood will help prevent and restrict the spread of woodworm infestation.

Reducing the overall damage and spread of woodworm in your home can be achieved by keeping treated wood and the timbers on your property as dry as possible. Always keep your wood and timber as dry as possible to create an unwelcoming environment for woodworms.

It is recommended to routinely check your wooden furniture, flooring, and structural parts for any indications of woodworm activity in addition to controlling moisture. 

Early management and prevention of further degeneration of the treated woodworm-causing area are made possible by prompt diagnosis. You can protect the integrity of your property by being watchful and taking swift action when you see signs of woodworm infestation.

Keep in mind that treating wood worms is a continuous process. Treating wood worms also requires routine property inspections and preventative actions to reduce the likelihood of re-infestation. This includes maintaining your home’s cleanliness and dusting schedules and adding protective coatings to any hardwood surfaces.

Through adherence to these preventative measures and collaboration with professionals in woodworm treatment, you may successfully exterminate wood worms from infected timber on your property and guarantee sustained defence against subsequent infestations. Keep woodworms from infested wood without compromising the structural soundness and visual appeal of your house. Act now to protect your home from these damaging pests.

boron based treatment stops further damage

Varnish Your Timber and Woodwork

If you’re already thinking about keeping your wood dry to ward off woodworms, consider taking an extra precaution to make it much harder for them to penetrate your wood.

Applying a varnish finish to seal the wood is one way to stop woodworking. This strategy has two advantages. First, the varnish creates a barrier that makes it much more difficult for woodworms to access and exit the wood, restricting their emergence and preventing the formation of new boreholes.

Second, varnish contains harmful elements. This implies that the damaging effects of the varnish will be applied to any woodworm that succeeds in boring into the wood. Therefore, their chances of surviving or emerging from the wood to deposit more eggs may be severely reduced.

Applying a varnish coat will give your wood a new appearance and provide additional protection against the spread of woodworms. It’s a necessary and advantageous procedure that improves the look of your wood while giving it more security.

Use a product made especially for wood protection and according to the manufacturer’s directions when applying varnish to your wood. To prepare it properly, sand the surface and remove any old coatings or dirt. Evenly spread the varnish, giving each coat enough time to cure.

Keep in mind that varnish cannot replace expert woodworm treatment. Getting advice from professionals who can evaluate the issue and offer suitable solutions if you suspect a woodworm infestation is imperative. When used with expert treatment, varnish can be a practical preventive approach to reduce the likelihood of woodworm damage.

It is possible to protect your wood and stave off woodworms by taking a proactive approach to woodworm prevention, which includes moisture control, routine inspections, and protective measures like varnish. 

By following these procedures, you may preserve the long-term resilience and endurance of your wooden surfaces against woodworm-boring pests while also appreciating their beauty.

active woodworm infestation

Lay Flytraps

Though it sounds strange, it’s crucial to remember that woodworm is an active infestation rather than a frequent occurrence or natural phenomenon. Given this, placing flypaper strips around the impacted wood and flooring can help trap woodworms as they emerge from the wood.

This technique can greatly slow the spread of woodworm throughout your property, even if it won’t stop the floorboards from developing boreholes. Doing this may also prevent additional damage to your furniture, wood, and other wooden surfaces.

Because woodworm beetles have wings and can fly when they emerge from the afflicted wood beneath, flypaper is made to attract and catch flying insects. The emerging woodworm beetles are caught in a trap when flypaper strips are placed close to the infected area. Flypaper’s sticky surface may see them as they fly about, keeping them from spreading to other parts of your property.

To maintain the flypaper strips’ efficacy, regularly inspect and replace them as necessary. Although this method can be used with professional woodworm treatment and preventive measures, it is essential to get professional advice to address the underlying cause of the infestation and put comprehensive remedies in place.

Flypaper is a proactive way to fight woodworm infestations and safeguard your wooden structures with professional treatment, moisture management, and other preventive measures. Never undervalue the effectiveness of straightforward strategies like flypaper in preventing the spread of pests that eat away at wood while maintaining the structural integrity of your home.

serious structural damage caused by wood boring insects

Prepare to Replace or Repair Your Furniture

Get ready to replace or repair your furniture with our effective woodworm treatment programs. Our specialty is the competent replacement of severely impacted wood that woodworms have weakened. 

Our knowledgeable staff ensures that materials are replaced safely, using appropriate substitutes or resin to make repairs that improve aesthetic appeal and restore structural integrity. It’s crucial to remember, though, that as property maintenance experts, we cannot treat furniture for woodworms.

It’s critical to evaluate the quality of your wooden furniture and decide what needs to be done to save it from woodworm damage or prevent it if you find wood worms within your floorboards. Move any movable wooden furniture temporarily to a cool, dry place where woodworms won’t touch it to protect it. Even while this could be inconvenient in the short run, it is only a stopgap measure until a professional treats your property for woodworms.

This can reduce the expense of reupholstering or repairing the furniture, helping preserve it, and stopping additional woodworm spread.Let’s discuss the situation when woodworms have already taken over your furniture. 

Preserving and Restoring Treasured Furniture

There, there are a variety of solutions. The degree of damage and your comfort level with expenses and losses will determine this. Sometimes, minor damage to the furniture may make repairs feasible and justified. 

Replacing furniture in other circumstances with significant structural damage might be essential. When making this choice, take your priorities and money into account.

It is advised to seek the assistance of an antique furniture repair specialist for emotional or antique furniture that has been impacted by woodworm. Given its sentimental or historical significance, it presents the finest opportunity to restore the quality and usability of your furniture—even though there might be more affordable solutions.

Remember to seek the assistance of experts who can precisely evaluate the damage and offer customised guidance based on your circumstances. They can help you restore or replace furniture, ensuring your priceless items are treated expertly and carefully.

You may lessen the effects of woodworms and keep the attractiveness and usefulness of your treasured wooden items by treating woodworm infestations as soon as possible and taking the necessary precautions to safeguard or restore your furniture.

the house longhorn beetle beetles

Remove Wood Worms From Your Floorboards.

As previously said, hiring a professional property care expert to help ensure that your property is entirely free of woodworms is the most dependable way to guarantee the infestation is permanently eradicated. This expert can do a thorough woodworm treatment.

Please make an appointment with our staff for a thorough woodworm treatment and service that suits your schedule and needs. Our skilled experts have the know-how and resources to address woodworm infestations successfully. Please don’t wait for the issue to worsen; contact us online to save your property from additional harm.

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In summary

It’s critical to act quickly to stop additional harm to your property when dealing with woodworms in your floorboards. You are strongly advised to contact a professional woodworm treatment specialist since they have the knowledge and equipment to remove the infestation. To help prevent future woodworm infestations, dry your wood and varnish any exposed wood and woodwork.

Furthermore, strategically placing flytraps around the impacted region can aid in capturing woodworm beetle larvae. A typical woodworm killer is a powder made of boron that is dissolved in water; treating all residual wood with an appropriate insecticide is essential for a thorough treatment. 

Remember to make the preservation and restoration of wooden furniture a top priority, and when in doubt, consult a specialist. You may effectively manage woodworm infestations and protect the integrity of your property by following these guidelines and seeking professional advice.

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