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Advanced Damp is an experienced and qualified team of damp specialists in Windsor. We are family run, local and been providing damp treatment for the past 30 years. Our damp services come at an affordable rate and we offer free quotes to get your damp problems fixed as soon as possible.

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Windsor Damp proofing

Living in a house or building with damp walls can make your life miserable. It’s the stepping stone that leads toward blisters, mould, and watermarks on walls. If you live in Windsor and encounter damp-related issues, then hiring a professional Damp Proofing company is the best solution to your problems.

At Advanced Damp, we offer high-quality Damp Proofing services in Windsor. Our experts understand that damp problems cause a disturbance in your life and affect it in multiple ways. Having the right knowledge and experience to deal with all kinds of damp problems, our experts go above and beyond your expectations.

With our Damp Proofing services, we restore the beauty and appeal of your home — improving its value and making it safe for living.

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damp proofing in windsor
damp walls in living room wall of home
damp walls from not preventing damp in home

Rising Damp treatment

When you have rising dampness in your house, it is challenging for paint, wallpaper, and any other kind of material to retain its shape and beauty. Rising damp is the slow upward movement of moisture or water from the ground and gradually rises from the lower section of the wall to the upper section.

When you have a rising damp problem, the structure of your building is poorly affected. It doesn’t only make walls look bad but weaken the structural strength, which is why you must deal with this issue as soon as it appears.

The following are the symptoms of rising damp:

  • Paint keeps falling off the wall and won’t stick to the surface
  • Wallpaper doesn’t stick well to the wall
  • Stains appear on the lower part of the wall
  • Flaking plaster
  • Presence of white powder on the wall
  • Wet patches

When you identify any of such symptoms on your wall, it’s a potential sign of rising damp. At Advanced Damp, we provide comprehensive Damp Proofing services to deal with rising damp. You can hire our damp surveyors to identify the exact cause and scale of the problem.

Penetrating Damp walls

When water or moisture enters through the external wall or underground area, it results in penetrating damp. It’s often a complex problem and requires immediate attention before it causes severe damages.

If there is any leakage in the water drainage system or water-carrying pipes that runs underground the house, then a water deposit is created underneath. As a result, water enters the walls and causes damp.

If you see any signs of damp walls or floors, waste no time seeking professional assistance. If you are in Windsor and dealing with penetrating damp or other damp-related problems, call Advanced Damp and enquire about our damp treatments for your Windsor home. We offer a range of treatment for water ingress problems. 

Visit our Waterproof walls page for our specialised brickwork protection coating.

Penetrating damp and rising damp in old houses
the penetrating damp has seeped through to the inside of the house and caused the paint to peel away

Condensation in your home?

Direct contact of water with the surface of walls is not the only way for damp. Some dampness is the result of condensation problems. When moist air makes contact with cold surfaces, it shapes into tiny drops of water. Eventually, it creates dampness on the walls. This leads to the potential growth of mould as well.

It’s a natural process that mostly occurs in colder environments. If you are experiencing damp problems, then condensation might be the cause behind it. 

If you live in Windsor and experience damp problems in your house, contact Advanced Damp!

Experienced surveyors

Damp Surveys Windsor

Damp is a major problem as it affects your building or property in multiple ways, leaving you with many issues to deal with. It doesn’t only destroy your home’s beauty, structural strength, and hygiene but also reduces your home’s value.

If you own a home in Windsor and want to ensure that your home is free from dampness, then running a damp survey is the right choice. At Advanced Damp, we offer damp survey services to conduct a thorough damp survey of the buildings.

With our damp survey, we identify the presence of damp, its causes, severity, and so on. The best part is that we suggest the most appropriate method to deal with the issue and help you prevent future damp problems.

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professional damp surveyor testing the walls of a home. Moisture readings are showing 1.0%.

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