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Wet patches on the walls or peeling paint in the office can indicate the presence of rising damp in your property. This may lead to mould growth when left untreated, and in more extreme cases, can also cause serious structural instability.

These issues are both time consuming and expensive to repair, which is why tackling damp before it reaches this stage is crucial. One of the most effective ways of doing this is with a damp proofing injection, which protects the walls of your property from moisture.

In this article, we’ll explain exactly how this chemical damp proof process works and the benefits it offers, therefore helping you make an informed decision on the best water saturation for your home or business.

What is a Damp Proofing Injection?

Damp proof injections contain a cream that is typically made up of a water-repellent silicone material. When injected, this seeps into the brickwork of your home and acts as a barrier against moisture penetration.

This type of damp proof course (DPC) protects older properties from further rising damp issues, particularly those where the existing damp proof course has become damaged due to extreme wet weather or incorrect installation. For example, a new damp proof course may be necessary if a previous injection cream has been drilled directly through the brickwork rather than into the mortar joints.

It therefore provides long-term reinforcements that stop rotting timber, floorboards, skirting, and plasterwork from taking over your home or commercial property.

How Does a Damp Proofing Cream Work?

Damp proof injections tackle damp by preventing moisture rising from ground level up the walls and through the masonry of your property, where it can cause dangerous mould growth.

When injected correctly, a high-quality damp proof course can last from 20 to 30 years, which is why you should always consider expert installation. Here’s a quick overview of the comprehensive process we follow at Advanced Damp to ensure that your walls are properly prepared and protected for years to come:

1. Preparing

We will first inspect the walls for any tidemarks, which are caused by rising damp evaporation. The affected plaster will be contaminated by hygroscopic salts, so must be hacked off before the damp proof injection can be applied.

Internal fixtures such as radiators and skirting boards will also be removed to allow our specialists proper access to the walls.

The wall will then be prepared for effective damp proofing. We’ll remove any dirt or debris and repair loose mortar to create a smooth surface, ready for the injection.

2. Drilling

The next stage involves creating small 12 mm holes approximately 150 mm above the ground level. We’ll carefully drill these in the mortar joints rather than the brickwork, which will help the cream successfully penetrate the masonry of your walls.

3. Injecting

A silicone-based damp proofing cream will then be injected into these holes, using either a specialised cartridge gun or low pressure sprayer. This process will need to be completely slowly to ensure even application throughout the wall.

The cream should then revert to a liquid, which allows the silicone solution to seep into the masonry walls and begin forming a moisture-repellent protective layer.

4. Finishing

Finally, the damp proof cream should be left to dry thoroughly before any further work is carried out, which can take up to 6 weeks. We can also protect your property from further moisture penetration by applying a sealant top coat onto the treated surface.

Once the cream is fully cured, you can then consider internal re-plastering and re-rendering, a process that stops salts from causing tidemarks on the new surface.

Why Your Property Needs a Damp Proof Injection: Key Benefits

The presence of black mould, peeling plaster, damp patches, and musty smells all point to the presence of damp, which can lead to everything from structural damage to ill health.

Addressing rising damp as soon as you spot the early signs is therefore essential for maintaining both the safety and comfort of your property. The main benefits of choosing an injection cream as a damp and mould treatment include:

Offers a Long-Lasting Solution

Chemical damp proof creams made from silicone may be less invasive, but offer just as effective an approach to moisture protection as other treatment types, such as electro osmotic damp proofing.

They do this by penetrating the masonry of your building through small holes drilled by a damp proofing specialist, who will provide an accurate damp diagnosis before starting any job.

Tackles Mould Growth

One of the most important reasons why you should consider a damp proof injection is the health benefits that your property’s inhabitants can experience.

Unfortunately, damp buildings offer the perfect conditions for mould to grow which not only causes damage to the property’s structure, but may also damage your long-term health. 

The harmful toxins can lead to the worsening of asthma and respiratory infections for instance, so if you notice any symptoms of an allergic reaction, it could be time to contact a damp proofing specialist for mould removal services.

Prevents Rotting Woodwork

Having an abundance of moisture anywhere will encourage the growth of fungus, which feeds on any wood present. You may therefore notice fungal patches on flooring timbers, skirting boards, carpets, and wallpapers, leading to wet rot in your home.

By protecting the exterior and interior spaces from moisture, applying a damp proof injection can stop the underlying timber from being attacked, therefore ensuring that the structure of your building remains its integrity. You’ll no longer need to worry about weak or collapsing walls, and can instead focus on creating a safe, happy home for your family.

Common Damp Proof Injection Mistakes

While it may be tempting to save some valuable cash, you are likely to encounter a range of stumbling blocks by choosing to damp proof a property without a trusted professional. These issues can simply worsen damp and mould rather than provide a solution, which is why it’s always recommended to employ a damp proofing specialist.

It’s also pretty easy for the untrained eye to misdiagnose a damp issue and cause further damage, another factor that can push up the price of treating rising damp further down the line. By employing our professional damp proofing services here at Advanced Damp, some of the biggest and most costly mistakes you’ll avoid making are as follows:

  • Failing to properly inspect the property beforehand – Checking the quality of the mortar joint within the walls before injecting the cream is vital for creating an effective damp proof course. Installing a damp proof injection when there is already a functioning course in place can also cause damage.
  • Injecting the cream incorrectly – Applying too much cream unevenly into the holes can reverse the injection’s effectiveness, causing it to leak out and potentially further damaging the wall. Injections also shouldn’t take place when there is a bridging of cavity walls, as this will simply fill up with debris and allow moisture into your home.
  • Drilling holes into the brickwork – Holes for injecting the damp proofing cream should only ever be made into the mortar joint.
  • Not sealing the holes – Walls should always be sealed after a damp proof injection to prevent the cream from leaking out, which reduces the effectiveness of this moisture-repellent barrier.

If you do notice any issues after a damp proof injection has been applied to your property, such as leaking or cracking, please don’t hesitate to immediately contact a damp specialist. Here at Advanced Damp, we can quickly fix any problems before they cause further damage to the walls, ensuring that your home remains dry and comfortable for years to come.

Speak to the Damp Proofing Specialists Today

Interested in finding out more about the damp proof injection process? Contact Advanced Damp today for further advice and we’ll provide a free quote tailored to your property. Our team of experienced surveyors has been treating damp for more than 30 years, earning us the trust of thousands of homeowners and premier estate agents nationwide.

Plus, every damp proofing cream application comes with a 20-year guarantee to provide long-term rising damp protection for your home.

We’d also recommend checking out our full range of services that are designed to keep homes across the UK in excellent condition, including everything from waterproofing and ventilation to rendering, insulation, and many more Trustmark-endorsed treatments.

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