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What Are The Possible Signs of Woodworm?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Woodworm Infestation Overview: Woodworm beetles and their larvae, which bore through wood, can be challenging to detect. Recognizing signs of woodworm infestation is crucial for property owners as untreated woodworm problems.
  • Potential Damage Locations: Woodworm infestation can affect various wooden surfaces, including beams supporting the property, roofing woods, wooden furniture, structural timbers, painted wood surfaces, and floor-related components like joists and flooring boards.
  • Risk Mitigation through Professional Assessment: Given the potential harm woodworm can cause, property owners are advised to hire qualified professionals for accurate assessment and appropriate woodworm treatment.

Are you uncertain if you have got a woodworm problem? That’s reasonable because woodworm beetles, let alone the larvae which bore through the wood, can be challenging to spot the signs of woodworm.

Woodworm is a problem that property owners occasionally face, and they can threaten the integrity of the wood structure. An infestation can cause long-term harm to a property’s structural timbers.

In addition, wood-boring insects of various species can cause more damage to wood than others. Therefore, your first consideration should be to hire a qualified business to determine the proper woodworm treatment requirements.

Knowing the indications of a woodworm infestation might help you avoid significant property damage. On the other hand, failure to detect signs of woodworm invasion early might result in weakened wood, compromising the structural strength of your property’s wood.

Where Can You Find The Active Woodworm Infestation?

woodworm infestation

Woodworms can be found on practically every sort of wood surface, including the following:

Beams of property: The huge logs of wood that support your house may be infested with the woodworm causing serious damage to the whole stricture.

Roofing woods: Wood roofs are common, but if the worms are already sitting and feeding inside, then you are on the verge of either repairing them immediately or replacing the whole roofing system.

Wooden storage boxes and furniture: If you have large wooden storage boxes at your place, make sure that you keep on checking them to prevent any such problems.

Timbers for structural use: The timber stock used for construction purposes can be infested by these worms damaging the logs internally as well as externally.

Surfaces made of wood that has been painted: No wood surface is safe even if you have painted the walls. You shall find the larva feeding itself on its surface.

Floor joists and flooring boards: Whether its flooring boards or the joists, you will find worms easily reaching such surfaces and causing serious infestation.

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Signs of Woodworm Larvae

Signs of Woodworm Larvae

The most crucial stage in woodworm infestation treatment is identifying it in its early stages. In many circumstances, you may not realize you have a woodworm issue until the harm has been done and evidence of the wood-boring beetle’s presence may be seen.

If left untreated, woodworm will keep feeding on the wood, eventually causing it to collapse structurally. At that time, you can do nothing except feel bad about the damage that has happened due to woodworm larvae.

There are several different varieties of woodworm beetles that can cause damage to your home, but there are several tell-tale symptoms to check for. When you think you might have a woodworm problem, use the checklist below to help you figure out what to look for.

Holes in the Wood

holes in the wood due to woodworm

Exit holes are the warning signals to look out for. The holes formed by the woodworm when they depart the wood are one of the most visible signs that you have live woodworm on your property.

If you find these holes on any wooden surface at your place, never ignore them. You may be causing more damage than the worms feeding inside.

The hole size varies depending on the woodworm species, but they are usually between 2mm and 5mm in diameter.

The holes will appear ‘clean’ or ‘fresh’ if the woodworm infestation is active. However, unless there is a significant infestation and multiple exit holes together, they are often only visible up close.

Presence of Dust or Frass

An active infestation is indicated by powder or ‘frass’ coating beneath or near the exit openings.

Frass is woodworm-produced dust. The frass, also known as woodworm dust, is pale in color and resembles very fine wood shavings. Some even call it woodworm waste.

It’s difficult to find in lofts, but it’s commonly noticeable on darker floors, cars, and other objects. When insects aren’t present, distinct forms of frass aid professionals in determining which species of boring woodworm beetle is to blame.

Insects that are Alive

These are most common throughout the summer. There are five typical varieties of woodworm in the UK, ranging in size from a few centimeters to around an inch. Between May and October, the adults are most likely to be observed.

They don’t live much longer than a few weeks and always look to reproduce and lay fresh eggs. Moreover, you can also see dead beetles near the wood when it’s not their season.

Tunnels within the Timber

tunnel in the timber

Even though this is a clear indicator of a woodworm infestation, it has been one of the least noticeable. This is because the woodworm creates the tunnels as it eats its way through the wood.

If you can cut and investigate the infested timber, you’ll notice a variety of tiny tunnels carved into it as an indication of woodworm.

Woodworm Eggs

woodworm eggs

Wood-boring beetle eggs are tough to see with the naked eye because they are only about 0.5mm × 0.3mm in size. Adult females lay them in the summer months in the crevices of old boreholes or timber generally close to where the adult has emerged.

They hatch into woodworm larvae in 10-30 days, depending on the variety and environment.

Weak Timbers or Floor

If you put a foot or chair leg through the floorboards, it’s evident that they’ve been significantly undermined, and wood-boring beetle damage could be to blame.

However, dry rot could also be a factor, so you’ll need to learn more, and you could require a woodworm inspection.

Damaged Wood

It is a sure sign that woodworm is doing havoc on your home. From shaky floorboards to disintegrating skirting boards, the damage might be extensive. However, it’s crucial to distinguish between woodworm damage and powdery dust damage incurred by wet rot or dry rot.

If you’re not sure which one of these property care issues is causing the damage, you should have a timber specialist evaluate the crumbling wood, so you don’t waste money on potential woodworm infestation treatments that aren’t essential.

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What to Do If You Observe Any Signs of Woodworm?

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If the indicators of woodworm in your home match the signs of woodworm outlined above, you must act quickly and contact woodworm specialists who are fully trained and skilled to avoid further damage.

These people have all the knowledge regarding the common signs of woodworms and adult woodworm beetles and they know how to stop them from breeding on your wood.

So, all you need to do is to find the best one and hire him immediately.

Is there any woodworm treatment?

woodwork treatment ideas

There are two types of woodworm treatment available for all.

Surface Treatment for woodworm Infestation:

If the problem is minor and you catch the woodworm infestation early, you can give surface treatment to the wood.

You have to take a brush and dip it into the woodworm-killing spray and move that brush all over the wood surface.

It will kill the active woodworm infestation and protect your wood with clear sign.

Injection Treatment for woodworm Infestation:

injection treatment

However, it you find serious damage to your wood, it’s time to choose this way. you have to take large injections and fill them with the woodworm-killing spray.

Point the needle into the holes that are left by the adult beetles and fill them with the liquid.

It will reach to the worms easily & this shall help you kill them and stop further damage.

Tips to Consider to protect your wood from infestation

wood protection

You have to first understand the woodworm life cycle. If you get complete knowledge regarding this cycle, I must say, half of your job is done.

This is because if you know how the infestation happens, how a larva turns into a full-grown adult beetle, and when the larvae start to eat the wood, you can save it by taking preventive measures and killing the worms at an early stage. You might even be successful in protecting your wooden structures from woodworm larvae.

The exit holes do not determine whether the infestation is active or not. Sometimes people think that small holes may not cause major structural damage and repent of their thoughts later.

So, before you assume things, be double sure with closer inspection. The damage once done cannot be reversed in any case.

Get to know about the woodworm season and be extra vigilant during that time period. we all know that prevention is better than cure and the same rule can be applied here.

The months from April to September are known as active months for the woodworm infestation, so make sure that you actively use the sprays and keep your wood safe.

If the timber is damp, there are possible chances that it may get rot or damaged either due to extra moisture inside it or due to the woodworm. so, you must dry it completely leaving no chance for the worms to grow and feed.

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