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The Ultimate Guide to Timber Window Repair

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Understanding Timber Window Problems

Identifying Common Issues

Ignoring signs of damaged timber can lead to real problems. Although beautiful, timber windows can deteriorate over time. Poorly maintained timber windows are more likely to cause inconsistent temperatures, leaks, condensation leading to wood rot, damp, and structural issues.

Types of Period Timber Windows

Sash windows

A sash window is usually found in Victorian and Georgian properties. The glazed panel of a sash window slides open either horizontally or vertically.

Cord Hung Sash Windows are operated using pulleys. Similar to Spiral Hung Sash Windows but known to last much longer! The mechanism can last for decades and can be hung to either open a single pane or both having the ability open simultaneously.

Spiral Hung Sash Windows are hung on mechanical springs which enable them to be fitted into a narrower window frame and, therefore, a more modern building. Great for giving a newer build a traditional twist.

Yorkshire Sash Windows differ from the above styles because they open horizontally. The Yorkshire Sash Window is fairly uncommon now as most people opt for a vertical opening.

Casement windows

A casement window is the most practical option. The casement window is attached to a frame by one or more hinges. The opening mechanism works by pushing the windows outwards. Usually manually operated, but can also open automatically.

Casement windows are especially easy to use and they make opening and closing exceptionally simple. There is also a number of different configurations for the design of a casement window. The most popular casement choice is the side hung; this is hinged at the side to allow for easy opening. Other designs include the top hung and fixed casement windows.

Fixed Timber Window

Fixed Timber Windows, as suggested by the name, do not open. They are commonly used as a feature window or a small window frame by a door. Although unique architectural features, these old windows are prone to decaying timber, or wet rot, due to the lack of airflow causing condensation.

Defects in Sash Windows and Casement Windows

Sash windows and casement windows are particularly vulnerable to leaks, rattles, and draughts. Their energy efficiency can be quite poor over time if not maintained.

Defective lintels and structural movement are the main cause of defects and can cause cracks in the frame above a window. The lintel is the very strong beam above a window frame that holds the weight of the walls above windows and doors.

Timber windows can completely transform a property, but over time they can deteriorate.If you can see cracks in the frame above your window, this could be a sign that your existing timber windows are in need of repair.

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Preparing for Timber Window Repair: Assessing the Condition of Your Timber Window

Before restoring a window, it is important to check its overall condition to determine what work needs to be done.

A professional sash window repair service would check for rotten, loose, or broken parts, and assess the condition of the hardware. The window repair process may involve removing glass panes from the original windows so the property owner may be better getting repairs carried out by a professional than attempting it themselves.

For example, a professional may need to remove the window hardware to access all parts of the window and check for rotten wood in the existing window frames and this can be tricky in older properties and period timber windows can be fragile.

Removing Glass and Old Paint From Window Frames

Removing old glazing putty and glazier’s points to access the glass is the first step to preparing for window repair. However, it can be a tricky business.

Removing glass from original windows on a period home, properties in conservation areas and buildings that require planning permission for exterior changes is really a job for a professional as damages to the frames or repair of the rotten wood must done with great care.

Timber Window Problems

Timber Window Repair Process

Repairing Rotten Wooden windows

Timber window repairs can range from just fill cracks and gaps with wood filler, epoxy resin and gluing loose parts back together… all the way through to dealing with wet rot, draught proofing, replacing entire window frames and even structural window repairs.

Repairing Defective Lintels and Structural Issues

Lintels are beams that support the weight of walls above cavities, and can fail over time.

Cracks in the frame above a window can be a sign of stress on a timber window frame not designed to support the weight. A lintel insertion may be necessary to provide additional support for the window and this must be done by a professional in window repair work and renovation services.

Refurbishing and Restoring Original Timber Windows

It may be tempting to save money by attempting to fit new windows yourself. But, a professional timber window repair company can ensure that your new windows are draught sealed, ensuring thermal efficiency whilst maintaining their original appearance. They can replace the whole window frame with a draught proofing system that will be far more economical for your property.

Maintaining and Preserving Your Timber Window

Regular Maintenance and Inspection

Regular maintenance is essential to keep timber windows in good condition. Ignoring signs of damaged timber can lead to further problems, including damp penetration. Treating, cleaning, and ensuring the window is up to bearing harsh weather are all important maintenance tasks.

Overhaul and Refurbishment Options for Timber Windows

Advanced Damp offers a one-stop shop for repair or replacement of traditional sash and casement windows.

Services include restore, replace, repair and renewing sash and casement frames.

In addition, frame, sash & window sill repairs, rot removal and treatment, and full interior & exterior painting are also available.

Preparing for Timber Window Repair


Is it Worth Restoring Old Wood Windows?

Costs for repairing timber wood windows vary depending upon conservation areas, glass type (ie double glazing or single glazing). Frames such as sash or casement window frame repairs can all vary in cost too.

Investing in replacing a historic timber window or restoration provides benefits, including preserving unique heritage and charm, enhances historical value and improves insulation and draught proofing.

Contact Us for Timber Window Repairs

If your timber windows are in need of repair, we can help. Our surveyors will visit your property and provide a detailed report outlining the restorative work needed.

Our technicians can then begin the repair process to restore your timber windows to their original condition. Contact us today for more information.

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