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At Advanced Damp, we offer a complete range of damp proofing services for homeowners. We are a local company in Thame that is always ready to help you with any problem related to damp. Whether it is rising damp or condensation on your walls, call us, and our experts will be there in no time!

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Thame Rising Damp Treatment

Rising damp is the most common and costly form of damp that homeowners have to deal with. Advanced Damp has a complete range of treatments for rising damp, from chemical injections in walls to trench excavation at ground level. We always use innovative techniques so you can enjoy your property damp-free.

Rising Damp Treatments:

– Damp-proof injections

– Trench excavation at ground level

– Damp Course Installation

– Treatment for finished floors and exterior wall flashings.

Our Damp Proofing Thame offer complete damp proofing to homeowners, including both external and internal treatments. The types of solutions we offer include modernising the construction by digging trenches around your home, building a drainage system or adding an airtight membrane with waterproof material inside it. Our experts have many years of experience dealing with moisture problems so contact us today if you need help! Contact us now for damp proofing in Oxfordshire.

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Damp Proofing Thame

We also offer damp proofing for properties that have experienced previous issues with rising damp or are looking for long-term treatment. We know how important it is to keep your property well-protected and we will do anything necessary to keep you and your family safe from all possible risks of house damp. Damp can cause all kinds of issues with breathing and health if it is left untreated, so act fast and get it treated by our damp Thame proofing specialists today!

Advanced Damp is a local damp proofing company in Thame which offers the latest methods of damp treatments. We are a team of industry experts and here to help you with your home’s damp issues! Give us a call today on 07562719091 for damp proofing Thame.

Damp Survey by Thame Professionals

Damp surveys will help to find the cause of damp in your property and establish exactly what treatment is needed for a full resolution. This survey may include, among others: measuring humidity levels at various points indoors and outdoors; identifying sources of water ingress into walls or other surfaces; locating rising damp on walls with moisture meters

A professional damp specialist can use this information to produce an accurate report that includes recommendations about how best to treat any problems they have identified along with advice about which products are most appropriate for your needs.

Contact Advanced Damp proofing Thame today to book a damp survey!

Damp survey testing with a damp meter. moisture readings are high.

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