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We offer professional damp proofing Slough.

Advanced Damp is a leading team of Slough damp proofers. A large number of people in Slough face problems due to the build-up of excess moisture. Our comprehensive range of solutions will help you deal with damp issues effectively. We have been permanently removing household damp for property owners for the past 30 years.

With our many years of expertise and experience, we ensure high-quality rising damp solutions and services to our customers. We help maintain your property for years to come with a complete damp proofing warranty. We are a damp company that guarantees the best possible damp solutions. Contact us now for Slough rising Damp proofing services.

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Slough Damp Proofing Treatment

Are you in Slough and need help getting Rid of rising Damp Patches? Contact our damp proofing specialists for a damp proof property inspection ASAP…

Damp problems are caused due to several reasons like internal condensation, heavy downpour, damaged roof tiles, intrusion from the exterior of the property, etc. When you find a damp patch on your wall, that’s when you need a damp proofing expert to give you professional advice on the next steps for treatment.

Damp proofing Slough

Our Slough damp proofing specialists are fully trained and qualified to diagnose and assess the cause of the problem and provide an effective damp proofing treatment. Our team of damp specialists offers reliable, precise, and cost-effective damp proofing services in Slough.

penetrating damp on exterior painted house. Black mould is covering the property

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complete wall is suffering from penetrating damp and mould
rising damp patches on internal wall causing bubbling paint

Damp Proofing Specialists

rising damp slough

Rising damp is caused when water gets absorbed by a building’s material. This adversely impacts the ground floor walls regardless of age. The groundwater moves upwards through the masonry via capillary action. If untreated, rising damp may become a danger to your home because of the accumulation of dry rot or wet rot.

Advanced Damp are experts in rising damp treatment. Our team of Slough damp surveyors provide accurate advice and thorough treatment for the job. We ensure effective damp-proof courses and follow maintenance procedures to fix rising damp issues in properties.

Professional Rising Damp Treatment Slough

Does your property have a damp problem? We are property care association members, let our experts guarantee a long-term fix for your home. Contact an Advanced Damp proofing specialist now and book a survey. Control your properties damp problems before they worsen.

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Our Professional damp Surveys

If you own a home or office in Slough and deal with damp issues or buy a new one, having a damp survey completed for your home is essential. One of the things that damage your home’s beauty, hygiene, and structural strength is moisture or dampness in its walls, ceilings, or floors. 

Get in touch with our Slough damp proofing surveyor from Advanced Damp for a free quote on our damp services for your home. We present a comprehensive survey report and solution so you can secure your property against damp problems. If you’re concerned about your home, hire our experts for a thorough damp survey of your home today!

Damp survey testing with a damp meter. moisture readings are high.
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