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Have you noticed flaky paint, tidemarks, or unfastened wallpaper at the bottom of your walls? If you have, you might be dealing with a problem of rising damp in your home.

Rising damp can affect your health, causing respiratory illness, visual issues, allergies, and more. Therefore, it needs to be treated to as soon as it is found.

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Rising damp survey

A rising damp survey will recommend treatment solutions for all ground floor walls, supply you with rising damp images as proof of the problem, and highlight damaging salt deposits. If left untreated, tide marks, wet rot, and an unpleasant moist smell will soon be commonplace.

Advanced Damp will organise for a professional professional damp surveyor who can save your masonry walls, stop rotting skirting boards, and quote for a cost effective solution for your home. We can tell you how to combat salt contaminated plaster, protect your external wall, interior walls, and stop black mould growth.

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Advanced Damp offer Specialist rising damp treatment and comprehensive damp protection for your home!

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Treatment that lasts a lifetime

A Rising damp problem occurs when the groundwater is absorbed upwards via a porous wall by means of a process known as capillary action. Rising dampness depends on the rate at which moisture evaporates from the wall, pore composition of the masonry materials used in the structure, and groundwater level.

All the building materials have variable and complex pore structures. The smaller the pore size, the higher the water can rise. As a result, contaminants, including groundwater salts, are often brought along with the moisture, which deteriorates the structural materials, decorative fittings and fixtures.

Rising damp is a slow process and can be present in the building for several years before any signs appear. The speed of moisture raising the walls depends on various factors such as the nature of the ground, type of floor or wall construction, and the conditions inside and outside the property.

This dampness can cause damaging effects on the property. For example, it damages all the decorations such as blisters or paints and deteriorates the plaster. Besides, it deteriorates the micro-structure of the property because of the ground salt that accompanies the moisture, damaging structural integrity. Also, rising dampness causes serious health issues such as cold and rheumatism for the building inhabitants.

complete wall is suffering from penetrating damp and mould
Rising Damp patches on internal walls

Recognising internal damp

Signs of Rising Damp

Identifying this is done by using a moisture meter that measures the moisture content in the wall. It has certain visual signs as well, such as:

  • Tidelines
  • Brown or yellow stained patterns 
  • Flaking paint
  • Bubbling plaster
  • Blown plaster
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Rusted plug sockets
  • Damp and musty smell
  • Damaging corner beads
  • Elevated deposits of powdery salt
  • Wet patches due to capillary action
  • Excess ground water
  • Visible cracks & bubbling plaster 

These all symptoms are generally found on the walls up to 1 meter from the ground level. When it comes to this, there are high chances of getting it misdiagnosed, which results in a waste of time, money, and effort. A DPC (damp proof course) must be set up in the building to prevent future recurrences. 

Our damp-proof specialists ensure the correct set up of a damp course in your property, making it damp free. Contact us today to get a free estimate!

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Permanent Removal of rising damp

Rising damp is an age long problem that is often misdiagnosed. The presence of a tide mark at the peak of the rise caused by rising salts is a key, but we look beyond this sign. First, it is important that a review of the environment for standing water is done and possibly the construct of appropriate drainage. We after that, check for the presence and effectiveness of your damp-proof course.

The most popular and often practicable method of treating rising damp is through a damp proof injection. At Advanced Damp Ltd, we have a perfected treatment process. As the most cost effective rising damp treatment, our damp proof injection uses the high-quality best products from the industry.

A solid floor will solve many types of damp issues, as will damp proof courses focused hygroscopic salts. By installing a concrete floor on the ground floor, and making sure no more moisture rises, you can stop this damp the moment you identify it. Perfect when you want no more damp or wet patches ruining the family home and impacting your quality of life!

damp company removing damp plaster from wall after damp proofing
plastering a damp wall after damp proofing

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Advanced Damp offer Specialist rising damp treatment and comprehensive damp protection for your home!

Our treatment process

Rising Damp treatment

A thorough damp survey is vital!

At Advanced Damp Ltd, our damp experts realise that to identify Rising Damp has continued to be a challenge often misdiagnosed by unqualified contractors. Therefore, our team of certified damp specialists will investigate and identify the source of the dampness. Through investigation and elimination, we will ensure that there is a proper diagnosis of the challenge considering it as the first step towards solving it.

Though this damp is often characterised by a ‘tide mark’ on the lower section of the affected wall caused by soluble salts, our damp treatment experts recognise that other damp conditions can present similar symptoms. For example, a ‘tidemark’ may run horizontally along the wall and an obvious damp area below it.

Excessive moisture at the base of the wall, which gradually declines further up, points to rising dampness as the cause of the damp. Electrical moisture meters could also be used for a moisture profile of the affected internal walls. Our surveyors are not only well-trained but are also certified by relevant certification institutions to analyse and identify the reasons for your damp problems accurately.

Using their expertise and extensive experience, an Advanced Damp Ltd surveyor will carry out a detailed survey of your building along with pinpointing the most suitable treatment.

Get in touch with our experts and book your damp survey now and wave goodbye to peeling wallpaper that’s left untreated.

Rising Damp Treatment Services

As a first step, Advanced Damp Ltd specialists are careful to make sure that your damp problem is diagnosed correctly. Because it is a complicated issue and the damp treatments can differ so much, it is crucial to distinguish between penetrating damp and rising damp.

Treating this damp in your home or office requires expert knowledge and skills backed by experience in the field. A damp proof course for penetrating damp is also something we can help with, but not something we’re discussing on this page.

This transports salts from the groundwater into the building structure. Sometimes these are moisture attracting salts, which, when accumulated, can attract moisture from the air and compound the existing problem.

In addition, these salts can further damage the masonry and plaster of your building as they tend to expand when they crystallise. We then prepare the area and take out any polluted salt plaster from the walls. Our team of experts will ensure that these residual salts are erased from your wall and already damaged plaster and masonry repair.

Everything is meticulously done after removing and properly isolating any fixtures and fittings on the affected walls, both externally and internally. We assure you that this process will not affect your floor coverings or any installations whatsoever. Your skirting boards will be as good as new, this issue will be a thing of the past, and you’ll be able to stand back and watch the experts do their jobs.

Our experts know all about damp proofing!

Our experts have been diagnosing and treating rising damp for over 30 years. We have a team of experienced professionals on board who will test your property free of charge and detail a long-term prevention plan for your home. 

rising damp internal wall damage. Wall is showing flaking paint and bad defects
a ground level wall has bad affects of damp, causing it to ruin paintwork

The solution to a damp free home

how do i fix rising damp?

Installing the damp proof course

If we discover that your damp proof course has failed for whatever reason, our team of experts will recreate a damp proof course of your building by damp proof injection. As a means of solving your rising damp challenge, it involves injecting our highly effective cream, a concentrated thixotropic silane, siloxane cream into the mortar bed joints of your wall.  

Having invested over 30 years in research, perfecting our treatments, it creates a leak-proof resin within your wall as it dries up. Our system is made from specialised chemicals that uniformly allow silane, its active element, to be properly absorbed and block the capillaries before drying.

An unpleasant damp smell is one of the signs, as are damp stains and an unsightly tide mark on the wall. These are signs of a rising damp issue, not a penetrating damp problem coming through your external walls.

To make sure we recommend the right treatments to solve your issues, no matter how subtle, we first review the existing features of your property. From there we can spot signs and recommend the best damp proofing approach for you right now.

How we work for you

Our goal at every stage is to prevent salt deposits, protect your skirting board, optimise your cavity wall, and avoid any and all tide marks. The result is ground floor treatment which stops black mould, can solve any damp issue and protects against rising damp signs for years to come.

Because our damp proofing specialists and your own personal damp surveyor know all there is to know, they can know how to treat this problem fast. This helps you improve the existing damp proof course, avoid damp patches, and protect nice new features like your pristine skirting board.

We can even look for signs, such as damp stains, and other key signs like a musty smell, by exploring more than just the affected area. This can flag up key issues like places that experience dry rot, draw moisture excessively, fluffy white deposits and salt contamination.

Taking a weight off your shoulders

The problem of moisture moving through your internal wall and the damage damp caused to all the homes we’ve seen over the years can be a source of stress. Our goal is to show you that when you treat these problems quickly, things like rotten skirting boards and existing damp proof solutions catastrophically failing due to issues with external walls become a thing of the past.

With us looking after your internal walls, no damp problem will cause the signs of rising damp that result in harmful black mould. When you consider the health issues black mould can cause, not to mention the damage caused by hygroscopic salts, you know you need us to look at your damp problem.

Rather than attempting to solve a damp problem yourself, contact us for a full survey and get to the bottom of the signs once and for all. We’ll make short work of any problems.