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Rising damp in High Wycombe? Advanced damp are a family-run damp proofing company serving High Wycombe and surrounding areas. We are proud to provide homes and businesses with fast, effective and professional property care for treatment of rising damp and other damp related issues. We are a highly experienced team of local surveyors and specialists with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the damp industry.

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Damp specialists

Advanced Damp are a experienced and fully qualified team offering damp proofing services throughout High Wycombe. We carry out all the necessary work to leave customers completely  satisfied. From the moment you hire us, we strive to meet all our needs and deliver an exceptional quality of damp proofing for your property. With over 15 years of experience in the damp industry, we have seen it all. Get in touch for a free damp survey from a professional surveyor in High Wycombe.

Our team of specialists are highly trained at remedying all areas of damp including condensation, rising damp, penetrative damp, waterproofing and more. We keep up to date in the industry attending events and regularly updating our knowledge so we can assure you have the best system in place to fix your damp problems. If you are concerned about your property experiencing issues with damp, rot or woodworm infestation, you should get in touch with us for a survey as soon as possible to stop further damage.

Rising Damp

Damp Side Effects

Core reasons for damp

Damp Treatment

There are many reasons for the development of dampness in a property. It may be due to the leaks leading to penetrative damp problems. So, when you think there is a leak that causes dampness, you should immediately check for any damage in the drainpipes and gutters. Also, look for the damages in the joints or cracks in the sealed joints. Ensure that the window sills are fit appropriately. Condensation may lead to lots of issues for dampness as well. One common remedy would be to improve the ventilation as it will help in reducing the dampness forming.

Advanced Damp

Damp proofing services

As Damp proofing experts we have several services available to suit to remedy your damp problems and these include: 

  • Rising damp treatment
  • Woodworm eradication
  • Wet rot treatment
  • Condensation control
  • Damp surveys
  • Penetrative damp treatment
  • Dry rot treatment
  • Basement waterproofing
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Solutions & protection

Damp Surveyors

Our professional damp surveyors provide a variety of damp proofing and rising damp solutions for all types of properties. Our surveyors in High Wycombe can easily identify the damp issues and offer an effective solution at a reasonable cost. We help with the following solutions.

  • Diagnosing the damp problems
  • Establishing the source of moisture and controlling it
  • Uncovering the issues that the building structure because of the damp
  • Finding the other potential future issues that may lead to dampness
  • Offering a comprehensive summary of the possible damp treatment in the property


Advanced Damp assure you the highest quality damp treatment for preserving the wellness of the property. Drop us a message or call us for help and advice on what to do next.

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Advanced damp were a very knowledgable damp company. Not only did they fix our damp problems but they they gave us great advice on keeping away future damp issues.
John Bennett
Aylesbury, Bucks
Sam and his team were brilliant, they did an extremely good job in terrible weather and the results are great. Would recommend to all. Cheers guys.
Adrian McCarter
Watford, Herts
The team arrived on time, looked at the problem and informed me on what was needed to fix it. They resolved my damp and left me with instructions for further actions. very happy with the job!
David Hanley
Tring, Herts

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