Damp Proofing Services in Rickmansworth: Surveys and treatment

If you are looking for damp proofing Rickmansworth, then look no further than Advanced Damp. Our damp specialists have over 30 years of experience and offer a range of services to residential homes. We offer damp surveys, penetrating damp treatments, rising damp treatment, and condensation treatment when required.


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About Advanced Damp

We are happy to offer a free damp proofing survey with no obligation. Our team will visit your property and provide you with a written report of our findings, including any recommendations for further work that may be required. We also offer damp proofing treatments which can deal with most rising damp problems by injected fluid into the walls where it is not visible. The other services we offer include condensation treatment for when leaks in properties cause moisture to build up inside rather than outside or from high humidity levels indoors.

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Rickmansworth Rising Damp Treatment

Do you have rising damp problems … We’re here to provide you with high-standard damp treatment!

Did your house start developing a wet or moist problem? You may be experiencing rising damp. There are many different signs that point to this being the issue, but only our team of experts can make the correct diagnosis if you think it is an issue for your home.

Rising damp is a type of fungi that causes moisture to rise from the ground and into walls or floors, which can be bad if left untreated. Damp-proofing companies offer a wide variety of services for dealing with rising damp, including surveys, treatment prevention, etc.

Experts Are Ready To Help You!

Our teams of experts will analyse and identify the cause of any damp problem you may be experiencing. Once we pinpoint the root of your issue, our specialists provide professional-grade treatment without wasting time.

We can help with your needs today. we offer various damp proofing treatments including damp course installations, damp proof injections and more…

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Penetrating Damp treatment

In the event that water penetrates through a building’s exterior, it might go unnoticed if left untreated. Depending on where this occurs throughout the structure of a building or house and what factors contributed to the problem, you may need one or several remedies in order to fix the issue.

If you’re experiencing penetrating damp, it’s best to call an experienced professional for a quick survey. This will enable your specialist team of damp proofers to diagnose the problem and offer restoration treatments accordingly.

Give us a call today if you need any help with home dampness by expert penetrating damp specialists.

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Condensation Treatment Rickmansworth

The damp air creates a hidden source of problems in your home as the humid surfaces take on water which eventually leads to a musty odour being released from affected surfaces or often seen as mould or mildew. Luckily we offer comprehensive solutions and top-quality services so you can get back to enjoying your home again with fewer worries!

Our damp specialists are experienced in locating condensation and our services include installing damp proofing, providing damp treatment for sources that produce moisture, and investigating suspected mould growth problems to identify an appropriate solution.

If you need mould removal or condensation treatment contact us!

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Damp Survey Rickmansworth

If you have noticed moisture or dampness in your house, it is possible that an inspection is necessary. Contact our professional service and get answers!

At Advanced Damp, we provide complete free damp surveys to properties of all types. If you need minor damp proofing or a more heavy-duty treatment, let our professionals get the job done!

We offer everything from timber damp, dry rot treatments, concrete tanking, and damage plaster repairs to woodworm infestations and wood rot problems! Whether it’s your home in a beautiful neighbourhood or a commercial building with time-consuming history; there’s always room for our skilled professionals

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