Damp proofing Richmond Upon Thames

Are you searching for Damp proofing Richmond upon Thames?

Are you in search of a damp treatment in Richmond upon Thames? Well, Advanced Damp proofing has the solution for your property. With the help of our water-repellent damp proofing system, we provide damp protection for more than 20 years. 

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Damp proofing Richmond Upon Thames

Are you in search of a damp treatment Richmond upon Thames? Well, Advanced Damp has come up with the perfect solution for your property. With the help of our water-repellent wall system, we provide penetrating damp protection for more than 20 years. For brick waterproofing Richmond upon Thames, we use our unique and high-strength and pressure injected waterproofer.


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Our masonry protection cream is a water repellent cream that goes deep inside concrete, stone, and brick to treat them. The formula is pressure injected, which is why it can penetrate even deeper into the walls. If you compare it to traditional paint on products, they don’t go deeper than the surface. Our high protection coating is based on silane technology. It works by aligning the masonry’s pores instead of blocking them. That allows the wall to breathe. Many conventional brick sealers coat the walls with a thin film, and that’s why they offer less protection. The cream is easily applied using a roller or a brush. You only need to apply a single coat to make it penetrate deep and last for a long time.

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Penetrating Damp treatment application

You can only apply this cream to porous and dry surfaces. You should not apply it to paint it over sealed surfaces. It’s intended only for use above the ground. This cream needs to be applied when the forecast shows sunny for the next 24 hours. There should be no predicted rainfall. For this treatment to be a success, it’s crucial to check all the roof and joint connections.

The brick waterproofer can bridge hairline cracks that are up to 0.3mm. To clean the brickwork, you refrain from using detergents, and you should avoid applying the solution to structures containing high salt levels.

Our protection system turns completely colourless after the treatment. Some darkening may occur initially, but with time it fades away. Before we start the treatment, we always do a small, representative patch test.

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25 years of durability: Long-Lasting

Our penetrating damp treatment Richmond upon Thames has been tested for over 60 years. Expensive testing is done on the solution to determine prolonged water-repellency after UV exposure and aggressive freeze-thaw. Our brick waterproofer will stay effective for your brick walls in Richmond upon Thames for 25+ years.

Drywalls are warmer! Improved Thermal Resistance

This masonry Protection cream ensures that the walls stay dry in every season of the year. It does so by maximising the thermal resistance. Our high strength repellent for penetrating damp treatment is verified for use by respective authorities. 

Drywalls are much better insulators as compared to wet walls. Our waterproofer dramatically improves insulation and warmth within your property. 

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