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At Advanced Damp, we believe that homeownership should be a privilege. Our home rendering company help you turn your dream home into a reality. With over 30 years of experience in the rendering industry, we are confident that our rendering services will exceed your expectations and meet the highest standards of construction. In addition, we deliver the most cost-effective solutions for wall rendering needs.

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What is house rendering?

Rendering is the process of covering the exterior wall with acrylic, lime, cement, or some type of mixture to protect the exposed brick along with other materials from cracking and erosion. Besides, it also prevents expensive repairs and maintenance down the line.

why does your house need rendering?

Rendering your bricks extends your wall’s lifespan by ten to twenty years. It prevents the walls from moisture and dampness from seeping into the walls and damaging your house walls, adding insulation layers. It keeps your home warm and dry, especially in rainy or cold weather. Rendering the house is your one-time permanent decision. Once you have rendered all over the exterior of your home, it will be impossible to remove.

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Why choose us?

We are a family run business based in South-East England. Our home rendering company can help protect your home’s exterior and completely transform its aesthetics. It hides the imperfect brickwork underneath, lending a modern, sleek front to any house in South East England and surrounding areas. One of the leading rendering companies in London, Advanced Damp, our home rendering experts manages residential and commercial property projects. All our customers trust in our absolutely brilliant services. Moreover, our fully qualified experts do an excellent job of causing too much trouble and mess in your house. We take pride in offering quality workmanship at an affordable price. We also cover insurance for internal development projects as well.

Home Rendering Services in London

Improving and changing the exterior of your home is the most significant and most effective way of adding value to the property. Besides, the new render is one of the cost-effective ways of achieving it. Our home rendering experts have a high level of competence with all types of materials, including acrylic, lime, cement mortar, and sand, along with the latest through-coloured rendering. Moreover, our rendering specialists can also re-render a house or carry out the repairs to pebbledash or existing render and finished work.

What our London rendering experts offer

Our exterior rendering solutions offer weatherproof protection and help eliminate penetrating damp. Also, we apply a weatherproof external coating system to the exterior of your house. We can provide a complete exterior render service from start to finish. Our quality exterior renders materials and specialist knowledge makes us a trusted company in the rendering industry.

Advanced Damp prides itself in providing exterior rendering to customers across the South of England and has provided this rendering work of good standard for over three decades. All our projects are guaranteed, and we are fully insured, ensuring customer satisfaction with our complete exterior rendering services.

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Render Repairs: Maintaining and Repairing External Render

Render repair is one maintenance task that you really cannot miss if you want your houses to be protected from the elements. Damage should be put in as quickly as it occurs. Your home’s exterior is the frontline defence of your home. It prevents the damp from penetrating the home. The external walls can keep the interiors warm and comfortable when adequately rendered and maintained.

Carrying out render repair work whenever and wherever necessary is crucial. At Advanced Damp, UK, we offer a full range of exterior rendering services. Our team has completed jobs on various projects recently offering the highest quality of rendering work. Our professional rendering specialists are experienced in repairing all types of render, including k-rend, monocouche rendering, lime renders, and silicone render, besides the traditional cement and sand render.

Types of rendering systems

Cement Rendering

The traditional type of render is a cement render. The mixture is blended with cement and sand on the site. It is applied on several layers and called scratch coat renders since its base layers are scratched for the next layer. Then, the final coat is smoothly applied to be painted easily later. Several cover of paints are required to create the finished look.

Monocouche Rendering

Monocouche Renders are becoming famous throughout Europe, thanks to the ease of application. The word monocouche refer to the fact that the rendering is completed with one application. It is applied by trowelling on or with a spray. Monocouche renders come pre-pigmented. Therefore no painting is required. If you want to add curb appeal, reduce the need for maintenance of external work, and make it more valuable, then monocouche rendering is the ideal choice.

K Rend

K Render is one biggest selling brands of silicone coloured render in the UK. It is a cement-based render with added silicone which repels water from any surface. The material silicone render is self-cleaning hydrophobic, making it one of the flexible and managed renders on the market today. Therefore, it is better than the traditional rendering as no upkeep is needed. Besides, the finish will still be looking pretty new after years.

Polymer Rendering 

Our experts add polymers with different substances like resins or plastics to the cement and then layered over the wall in polymer rendering. Then, you can select the finish according to the preferences or transparent application if you want them exactly as they are.

Spray Rendering

Spray rendering is a one-stage process using machine applications that saves your time compared to the traditional rendering method using cement and sand. This trend is catching fast in the UK. The modern way to render property guarantees a long-lasting quality finish. Your exterior needs to be painted every few years, and the overall result is last-longing.

Our home rendering products promise a quick turnaround and premium end product using the highest quality products and latest machinery. In addition, our specialists at Advanced Damp, UK, ensure that your home will aesthetically be best for a prolonged period that won’t require maintenance.

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Our Home Rendering Systems & Services 

Advanced Damp offers a maintenance-free render system. Are you interested in monocouche, silicone, or colour lime? We’ve got you covered. Our company offer advice to help our client achieve the perfect finish. Advanced Damp serves all kinds of clients, including residential and commercial, if you need a new extension, pebbledash removal, or maintenance-free render systems. We have expertise in various rendering systems, including cement render, mineral render, silicone, clay render, acrylic render, polymer-modified render, and lime render.

Our home rendering services in the UK include:

  • Wall Rendering
  • Complete House Rendering
  • Rendering Repairs
  • Waterproof Rendering
  • K-rendering
  • Monocouche Rendering
  • Silicone Rendering
  • Lime Rendering
Rendering London

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How much does rendering cost in London?

As far as rendering costs are concerned, the most significant deciding factor depends on the size. More is the surface area under coverage, and more are the materials you need, and more is the money you will spend. Our home rendering specialist measures the size and surface area and then only lets you know the expenditure. 

In addition, the type of render is also one of the factors that decide the price of modern home rendering. For cement rendered homes, the extra cost of labour and weatherproof exterior paint is also included. Regardless of the material you prefer, rendering is an entirely reasonable and low-budget way to completely renovate, improve and modernise your home. 

Besides, the other factors are 

  • The current condition of the wall to be rendered
  • Climatic conditions
  • Time as how long the job will take
  • Access to the place, for instance, a five-story townhouse on a seafront, is difficult to render than a three-bed semi in a quiet street

Small areas of render can also be repaired by our experts, referred to as patchwork.

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