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We have been in the damp business since 2004, offering rising damp treatment, penetrative damp and condensation management solutions. Our damp proofing company cover Potters Bar and a wide area of the UK. Our damp company is a registered Trustmark contractor and a member of the Property Care Association (PCA). Get in touch now for a free survey.

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Do you have damp side effects? paint and plaster ripping off the walls may be an indication that there might be moisture trapped inside your walls. Without you knowing it can quickly become a serious problem resulting in property damage and health issues.

Contact us to get a free damp proofing survey and find out how to resolve your damp. We can preserve your walls with our professional damp proofing and wall treatment solutions.

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How we work?

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We have extremely experienced damp specialists, technicians, surveyors, and cost effective pricing in Potters Bar. Our team will not only damp proof your walls but also fix any internal wall damage or plaster so that further damp will not occur.

We use our Drywall damp proof cream, which is a damp proof resin, and it does not allow all of the moisture to pass through it. At first, we chip off any upper layer of saline plaster, and then almost 10 to 20 mm deep holes are drilled just above the floor level. Drywall seeps into the walls or roof so that it creates a water barrier. The wall is then plastered gain with non-saline water-repelling plaster.

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Our solution to penetrative damp

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Penetration damp is very harmful. From the outside, it looks like mould. It is commonly seen on bathroom walls and roofs. It usually occurs in absorbent walls made of bricks or walls or ceilings that have broken water pipes or leakage from them.

We seal such pipes with our damp proof material and then remove the damping from your walls. A damp resistant plaster will be applied to your walls so that it cannot spread anytime in the future.

To learn more contact our professionals for penetrating damp treatment and damp proofing Potters Bar.

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Methods of damp proofing

There are many ways to install damp proofing. Our experienced team will decide which one will suit your property. Some methods of damp proofing that we use are:

  • Vital treatment
  • Surface treatment
  • Membrane damp proofing

The above mentioned are a few commonly used methods. However, there are other methods, as well. If you are afraid that after the damp treatment, the damp will come back, then we are here to shatter your all such fears. We will make it sure that you get a very long-lasting warranty for all damp installations.

Our damp Survey Services Potters Bar

Do you suspect dampness in your home or office building? The best way to find out if your property has damp in its structure is to get a professional damp survey of your building. Advanced Damp provides highly professional damp surveys to help property owners spot their presence, extent, and source. It helps a lot when you are going to buy a new home. You wouldn’t want to spend a huge amount of money on a home only to deal with damp problems after moving in. Therefore, always get a professional survey of the property, so you know what you’re paying for. If you want a professional damp assessment of your home or office building, then Advanced Damp is a reliable option. Book our specialists for professional damp survey services in Potters bar!


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