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Damp can cause damage to the aesthetic and structural integrity of your house. It damages your interior decoration leading to rotting skirting boards, curling wallpaper, crumbling plaster, timber decay, and flaking paint along with building structure. Without the correct damp proofing in Potters Bar, you are risking the chances of costly repairs.

Leading Damp proofing specialist

Advanced Damp has been in the damp proofing services since 2004, offering rising damp treatment, penetrative damp, condensation management solutions, and other structural repairs. Our damp proofing company covers Potters Bar and a wide area surrounding London, UK. Our damp company is a registered Trustmark contractor and a Property Care Association (PCA) member.

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Say Goodbye to Damp Walls

Are you experiencing signs of damp? Paint and plaster ripping off the walls may be an indication that there might be moisture trapped inside your walls. It can quickly become a severe problem in no time if left untreated resulting in property damage and health issues.

Don’t Worry! Advanced Damp is here to help!

Advanced Damp has experience of more than thirty years in dealing with all kinds of damp related issues and treatment serving the South of England & Home Counties. Over a vast period, our damp proofing company in Potters Bar has matured with our highly skilled damp experts handling thousands of damp problems year-round.

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damp proofing course complete by damp proofing specialists
internal wall rising damp which has damaged the internal wall moisture levels

Why Advanced Damp proofing?

When our team in Potters Bar team arrive on the job, they aim to offer high-standard, efficient, professional, and fast damp services at a reasonable price to all our customers. Our damp experts put in all efforts and expertise, leaving no stones unturned to find suitable damp treatment solutions. We take pride in having a fleet of extremely happy customers.

A thorough damp investigation allows us to diagnose and determine the cause of the damp problem allowing delivering the appropriate damp proofing solutions. We offer a no-obligation free damp quote!

We are also proud members of the Property Care Association. You can fully trust our damp experts as we transform your damp infected home into a warm, moisture-free, dry home.

Damp Treatment

Our damp experts at Advanced Damp offer various damp proofing solutions, including condensation, rising damp, penetrating damp, woodworm, dry rot, wet rot, and other damp problems in Potters Bar.

Having a damp proof course is a necessary requirement to avoid damp problems in the future. Every property owner should ensure that all their properties in Potters Bar are protected with a practical damp proof course.

Damp Surveys in Potters Bar

Do you suspect damp in your home or office? The best way to determine if your property has damp in its structure is to get a professional damp survey of the property.

Advanced Damp provides professional damp surveys to help property developers and owners spot their presence, extent, and source. It helps a lot when you are going to buy a new home.

You wouldn’t want to spend a massive amount of money on a home only to deal with damp problems after moving in.

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If you want a damp professional assessment of your home or office building, contact our damp specialist for a full range of professional damp survey services in Potters Bar!

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damp patches on internal walls causing bubbling paint above skirting board

Rising damp treatment

When the water rises upwards through the permeable wall structure from the ground, it results in causing rising damp. The moisture rises through the bricks, mortar beds, and pores in the masonry.

The rising damp treatment involves the insertion of a chemical DPC or damp proof course. The chemical seeps into the mortar forming a damp proof course preventing water from rising through the pores.

Before going ahead with the rising damp treatment, you must remove the old contaminated decoration, plaster, and skirting board, exposing the original stoner or brick structure.

Rising Damp Experts

Advanced Damp Potters Bar have extremely experienced damp proofing specialists, technicians, surveyors, and cost-effective pricing. Our team will not only damp proof your walls but also fix any internal wall damage or plaster so that further dampness will not occur.

The advanced drywall system seeps into the walls so that it creates a water barrier. The wall is then lime plastered to allow the walls to breathe against future damp issues.

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tanking slurry on basement walls
cracked facia board and paint causing water ingress in house

Penetrating Damp Treatment


Often misdiagnosed as rising damp, penetrating damp occurs when the moisture builds up horizontally via external walls of the building into the home. It can lead to more severe issues such as unsightly water damage on the interior and exterior sides of the property, frost damage into masonry, increased heat loss, dry rot, wet rot, and wood rot.

Penetrating damp is generally caused when the water finds its way into the property because of structural defects such as blocked gutters, faulty roof fabric, broken or cracked render, porous masonry, defective pointing, and leaky pipes.

Besides, rain penetration also leads to causing this damp.


  • Musty damp smell
  • Decaying timber
  • Wet patches
  • Damp stains
  • Cracks in walls

Get a Damp Survey

Before considering any penetrating damp treatment, the cause of the damp problem needs to be diagnosed. Depending on the penetrating damp cause, different treatments will be considered.

Our damp experts first visit the affected property and conduct a thorough damp investigation. After the damp survey, the specialist suggest various treatment solutions fitting the needs of the damaged property. We offer the most trusted and reliable damp survey services in Potters Bar.

If you are unsure what type of damp is affecting your property or the source, you must get professional help.

Get in touch with our damp survey specialist to diagnose the problems.

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Advanced Damp offer Specialist Damp treatment and comprehensive damp protection for your home!

Condensation control


Condensation is suspected where you are likely to have excess moisture. It occurs when warm air comes in contact with cold surfaces such as windows, walls, or ceilings. Condensation is the most common type of damp, especially in winters.

Besides, routine activities such as drying wet clothes, showering, and cooking release warm moist air inside your home. It occurs when your house doesn’t receive enough ventilation.


  • Musty damp smell
  • Streaming windows
  • Black Mould growth
  • Damp patches
  • Peeling wallpaper

Condensation Treatment

Our damp surveyors are highly trained and certified to analyse and diagnose the source of your damp problems accurately. We identify a condensation problem using the Temperature and Humidity data logger cards. Then our experts offer various treatment solutions such as anti-condensation paint application, heat recovery ventilation, and positive pressure ventilation.

Call our damp proofing specialists in Potters Bar for more information on the comprehensive damp protection of your house.

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dehumidifier preventing damp and decreasing humidity

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