Waterproof Bricks: exterior Wall coating

Are you looking for water-resistant treatment for your walls? Our brick waterproof wall system provides penetrating damp protection for over 30 years.

The masonry weather protector is the breathable and water-resistant solution for your penetrating damp walls. You can apply it to your damp walls to make them waterproof. It will not change the outer look of your walls as it is colourless. Once a single coat of this deeply penetrating cream is applied to your walls, it acts as a water-resistant barrier to give you waterproof brickwork.

Application for exterior walls

Waterproofing is a complete solution that provides you weather-resistant walls. It protects your walls from water ingress and moisture by keeping them dry and creating a waterproof barrier. Before applying our weather shielded masonry to your walls, it is recommended to clean the dust from them. It appears white immediately when applied, making it easy for you to know which part has been treated. Here are some of the applications of this amazing masonry protection cream.

Breathable & Long-lasting

Our waterproof protection provides you a weatherproof property when coated to the exterior walls. Whether it’s raining outside or a hot sunny day, it protects your walls. It aligns the pores instead of blocking them, which makes your walls breathable and prevents frost damage as well. Waterproofing exterior walls should be avoided to apply on painted or sealed surfaces.

It can only be applied to dry surfaces and is intended to be applied to the walls only. It resists UV lights and protects your walls from getting degraded. This improves the life of your walls up to 30 years. When your walls have a coat of our waterproofing chemical, they remain moist free, and you have waterproof brickwork.

Deep Penetration

The waterproof wall coating we offer is not like the other conventional water resistors. It goes deep into your walls to provide penetrating damp protection. It penetrates not only the big cracks but also the smaller ones, which are the real culprits in damaging your walls. Other liquid penetrators provide shallow penetration, which means less protection, but our system provides the best deep penetration to all your wall cracks, making your walls more secure and waterproof.

To achieve the best results of this wall protecting solution, you need to apply it to the wall surface when there is no rain forecasted for the next 24 hours. Our clear coat product is very effective in providing you waterproofed walls.

worker applying waterproofing wall coating to property

Improved thermal Performance

When it is moist in the walls, it will affect their thermal performance. The traditional insulation of thermal resistance does not work for the older buildings. A lot of residences have single-skin walls, which makes them unfit for getting protected from the cavity.

Our weatherproof system is the perfect solution to get improved thermal performance from your walls. It makes sure that the insulation properties are maximised to give you waterproof brickwork. Generally, heat loses out from the home’s walls in the UK. With our exterior damp proof coating on your walls, the temperature remains maintained on your premises as it reduces heat loss.

Improved flood resistance

Our waterproof wall coatings has excellent flood-resistance, because it does not let the water enter the wall to which it has been coated. Through testing, two walls were constructed using bricks and sand & cement mortar. When constructed, they were left for being stabilised for 12 months before being tested for flood resistance for the first time.

One wall got a coat of our waterproof coating, whereas the other one was left untreated. Both these exterior walls were subjected to an equal pressure of water. The untreated wall showed no cracks, but the water ran through it, and the protected wall did not allow water to pass through it. 

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