Tanking and Basement waterproofing

Are you experiencing water damage or damp in your basement? 

Advanced Damp is a professional damp proofing company, and experts in tanking and basement waterproofing! With our extensive experience, we can help make sure that your interior and exterior walls stay dry by installing an appropriate tanking system. Our slurry sealant will keep water out of your basement for good. making sure your home is fully waterproofed!

Prevent water damage in your home!

Tanking walls

Tanking involves the application of an internal waterproof material onto walls, floor and sometimes ceiling interior parts of a basement or cellar. The tension created will stop water from entering the underground space.

The protection that tanking can provide depends on a few factors. For instance, the levels of hydrostatic pressure near property foundation and any external movements or vibrations will help us decide the type of tanking that is needed for your property.

Advanced damp are damp specialists that specialise in tanking and basement waterproofing. While it may be more costly than other methods, tanking can be an extremely effective way to keep your home walls dry.

man working on brick wall. Applying grey tanking treatment

Basement waterproofing

Treatment that will last

Waterproofing can refer to many different concepts, but it is always necessary in order to prevent mould and moisture accumulation within homes or commercial spaces.

These waterproofing systems are a combination of structural membrane, drainage, and pumps that capture, channel, and pump away from any water ingress. These parts can work completely “behind the scenes” so they are perfect for projects such as cellar conversions or waterproofing a basement flat.

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Advanced Damp offer Specialist mould removal and treatment to protect your home!

Tanking and waterproofing for your home

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If you need a reliable company for tanking and basement waterproofing that provides solutions no matter the size of your project, call Advanced Damp. We have applied various types of damp solutions to projects ranging from domestic renovations to large commercial jobs. If you want a treatment that is proven to be durable basement tanking is for you.