Penetrating damp job in Oxford

Advanced Damp completed a job for a penetrating damp issue in Oxford on December 15th 2022.

Project Details

  • Advanced Damp investigated a damp issue in an Oxford in December 2022. Upon testing we found high moisture reading in the external corner of a wall. This was causing a build up of black mould on the skirting boards, and travelling from the bottom of the wall to the top. As the mould followed a direct line in a a specific area it indicated it was likely more than just general condensation. After external surveying we found a leaked drainpipe causing water penetration to the internal walls. 
  • In the bedroom we also found surface moisture on the windows and walls. The bedroom was an ensuite with an open shower room. The shower had no ventilation which was causing moisture to flow into the bedroom and cause condensation issues on the surfaces. We recommend all ensuite shower rooms have an extractor fan to provide air ventilation.

How did we treat the damp?

Our specialists fixed the drainpipe leak by sealing the area. We then removed the affected plaster back to brickwork before applying waterproof plasterboards, and re-plastering the area. This added a new layer of damp protection damp. Once we completed the treatment the customer was awarded a 20 year guarantee.

The bedroom ensuite we installed an automatic humidity extractor fan connected to the light switch. The fan turns on automatically when the light is switched on and also measures the constant humidity to switch itself on and off when humidity rises.

Work Completed

15th March 2022

Work Location

Fritwell, Oxford

Work project

Damp Proofing Injection

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