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Are you in search of efficient, effective, and affordable damp proofing in Oxford you can rely on? 

Advanced Damp are a professional rising damp and Oxford damp proofing company ready and waiting to solve your damp problems.

Our damp specialists have been working across Oxfordshire for the past 20 years.

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Damp proofing treatment In Oxford

No matter how bad your damp problem is, we will find an effective long-term fix for your property. Are your walls flaking, bubbling, or producing a bad odour?

Damp walls, dry rot, wood rot, and damp timber are all very common problems for Oxford homes. To get to the bottom of your damp issue in the Oxford city area, contact us as soon as possible for a damp survey.

We’re the smart approach to property care who provide Oxford damp proofing services for homeowners and commercial properties. We are trusted traders, surveyors and technicians who can resolve anything with long-lasting solutions and guarantees. Contact us now for damp proofing Oxford.

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Advanced Damp offers Specialist Damp Proofing in Oxford and comprehensive surveys for your home!

Oxfords leading damp company

Our Oxford damp proofing specialists have been in the property care business for over 20 years. We offer our an extensive rang of damp proofing services in Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas.

Our services range from damp proofing, rising damp, penetrating damp services, waterproofing treatments, dry rot, timber treatments, woodworm treatments, damp course injection, condensation, and more…

Our Oxford damp proofing specialists are of the highest standards. We take pride in being a member of the British Structural Basement Waterproofing Association and a registered Trustmark contractor.

We have always maintained 100% customer satisfaction throughout the years and leave your property with a full-service warranty.

As local and well-trusted specialists in Oxford, we guarantee to give all our customers an exceptional service that goes above and beyond expectations.

Please get in touch with our Oxford property team for residential and commercial damp repair, damp proofing, rising damp, and timber treatments.

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damp proofing Oxford city real estate
rising damp internal wall damage. Wall is showing flaking paint and bad defects
complete wall is suffering from penetrating damp and mould

Causes of damp walls

Rising damp & Penetrating damp is an increasingly common issue in properties. Especially in closed-off houses considering the weather, the internal or external walls usually need damp proofing.

Our team of rising damp proofers treat and protect your walls by using specialist treatments for your property. Our tried and tested treatment process will prevent any further problems from occurring in the future.

By using qualified Oxford damp proofing property experts you can guarantee the course of treatment will enable you to live damp free. 

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Local damp experts

Without experience, dampness can be a very difficult problem to diagnose. There are many different types of damp and each one is more prevalent than the other. Some of the types of damp problems are:

  • Rising damp
  • Condensation damp
  • Lateral damp
  • Penetrating damp
  • Mould damp
  • You may also encounter dry rot

All these types almost look similar and if left untreated they can spread the moisture to other walls in your property. Contact Advanced Damp proofing Oxford to get professional advice about your problem immediately on 07562719091.

Our team of PCA members & Oxford damp proofing technicians can send a surveyor for a free property survey to get your home treated quickly.

We can even provide a Oxford damp proofing specialist who will conduct a thorough damp and timber survey to ensure your home is damp proof from the ground up.

Rising Damp patches on internal walls
Damp proofing repair service
exterior damp brick wall
damp proofing oxford, work being carried out before treatment is done.

professional Damp proofing services Oxford

There are many damp proofing methods, and our job is to find the right fit for your building, no matter how wet it is, or where you are in the UK. Our work is based on how bad your damp condition is and when it has occurred. Some houses and properties already have damp proofing during their construction. However, you can get it installed later on if it is not already done. Our Oxford damp proofing services cover the following treatments and methods:

  • Surface damp proofing treatment
  • Integral damp proofing
  • Membrane damp proofing
  • Guniting
  • Pressure grouting
  • Cavity wall construction
  • rising damp treatments
  • Penetrating damp
  • waterproofing walls
  • damp course
  • mould removal

Not only that, but we can do more than solve your damp problem. Our damp survey experts can also recommend other forms of property care like woodworm treatment, that take the stress out of building ownership in England. 

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Locations we serve In Oxford:

Witney, Banbury, Chipping Norton, Woodstock, Faringdon, Carterton, Thame, Wantage, Didcot, Wallingford, Henley on Thames, and surrounding areas.