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Damp is one of the casually occurring problems in the Northolt area through which the beauty of the homes get severely affected. Our damp company is at your service in the whole Northolt area. Our team off expert help, and can advise people about problems with rising damp, penetrating damp, cellar tanking and condensation problems, and more… 


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Northolt Damp Proofing Treatment

The Northolt area has very high levels of damp. Damp problems make the houses look less attractive and ruin the overall structure and paint of the walls. The damp can appear as watermarks, blisters, dry rots and mould. We understand your concerns, and our team is ready to help.

Damp proofing Northolt 

Advanced Damp do not only solve your damp problems but also offers you services in property care. All of our team members are well qualified and specialise in diagnosing the challenges and offering a precise solution that will solve the problem without any delay.

Through our expertise and services, we have won the trust of the local community. Get in touch with our team now for more information.

northolt damp proofing

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northolt damp proofing treatment
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Reasons for damp problems

Damp in the walls and floors and even in the ceilings is due to the water particles present in the air or due to the water penetration in the walls. The water particles stay on the wall and get absorbed in it, through which the area becomes damp, and a watermark is made. Moreover, the leak in any place, either in the ground or in the roof, can make the water come through the walls and penetrate cracks. This water then penetrates the wall and starts creating the damp problem.

Damp proofing experts at your Service

Our team has experts who have the right knowledge and education to deal with all kinds of damp situations. The damp treatment process solely depends on the amount of dampness you have in your home and the extent of damage.

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Damp Survey by Northolt experts

Our damp surveyors in Northolt have been surveying homes for damp and moisture problems for the past 30 years. We are a fully qualified team of damp surveyors that specialise in diagnosis of damp problems in residential homes. 

Are you worried about damp in Northolt?

At Advanced Damp, we provide professional and highly reliable damp surveys to prevent and treat damp in your house. Our surveys go through an intensive range of possible damp issues and come to a conclusion to treat it. Our quotes are completely free of charge. 

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Damp survey testing with a damp meter. moisture readings are high.