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Are you in search of an expert in Damp Proofing in Marylebone? Advanced Damp, are an expert damp proofing company registered in England. For the past 30 years, we have been growing and developing expertise in the damp proofing and property preservation industry. Let our technicians help! We offer damp proofing services in Marylebone and the surrounding areas.


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Treatment for Damp walls

Marylebone Damp Proofing specialists

We provide specialist damp proofing advice and guarantee-backed repairs for damp homes. Our damp treatments include: Rising Damp, Penetrating Damp, Mould growth, Woodworm Treatment, Cellar Tanking, Dry Rot, and Water Proofing. We cover Marylebone and all surrounding areas. We have separate specialised teams for brick water-proofing and structural repair issues.

Our damp proofing specialists are experts at diagnosing your challenges and prescribing the precise solution using the latest industry techniques. We are one rising damp treatment company that offer guarantees on all work carried out.

We have been working in Marylebone and surrounding home counties areas for over 30 years! Contact us for damp proofing and get a free quote.

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Local Damp solutions For homeowners

Rising Damp Treatment Services

Are you looking for damp proofing professionals for rising damp in your home?

Rising damp is caused by the groundwater moving up through a wall or floor through the capillaries in masonry, if left untreated for a long period of time it will worsen.  It is often characterised by damp patches, peeling paints or wallpapers, dry rot, yellow or brown tide marks or staining on a wall, wet carpet or floor covering, damp/rotting plaster, or Skirting boards.

Most damp proofing treatment and Prevention of this type of damp involves a combination of good damp-proof courses and maintenance which should be carried out by reputable and reliable damp proofing service providers.

Highly Trained Damp Company

Our surveyors come not only with the high-class training but also with the right kind of standard certification which helps in analysing and finding the reason for every rising damp problem.

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Treatment for damp walls

Penetrating Damp Marylebone

Penetrative damp is the result of water infiltrating a building or property through the external wall, defective pointing, cracks in the roof or floors, or any other defect in the underground area of the building.

Seek the services of a professional Penetrating and rising damp company. When you have this type of damp, a proper diagnosis and restorative solutions will be offered.

Make Your Property damp-free!

We visit your property first and perform our survey to determine the real and the subsidiary causes of the dampness. Our team checks all potentials points of water ingress, such as the cracks on the walls, the missing tiles, or the blocked gutters seeping through the floor. When these points of water infiltration are established, the team fixes them with the use of special proofing material.

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Window Mould?

Condensation Control & Treatment

Cooking food, taking a hot shower, or using the washing machine are a few of the reasons which can cause condensation and can increase the damp levels within your property.

Condensation occurs when the moist air comes in content with the colder surfaces such as windows, walls, or mirrors and leaves those surfaces damp. The process is natural, you cannot end it but you can avoid it. The warm vapour in the air turns into the water as the vapor touches the surfaces of the colder temperature. However, poor ventilation is the main cause of condensation and dampness and the problems arising from it.

Basement Waterproofing Services

Our professional damp proofers, start our projects with a thorough investigation of the situation. We diagnose a condensation problem using the Temperature and Humidity data logger cards and our expert team will help fix the problem.

Contact Advanced Damp proofing, the #1 condensation and rising damp company to solve any damp problem you may have. We also offer woodworm treatments for your building.

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Trusted Damp Surveyors in Marylebone

Damp Surveyors with More Than 30 Years of Experience

Whether you’re going to buy a new home, sell your property, or experiencing moisture in your home or office, a damp survey is always helpful. You can present a damp survey report to the client or valuer and get a good price. Our surveying solutions help you know about damp problems in your home, assess the severity of the issue, and prepare the best course of action.

Hire Us for Condensation Dampness Treatment or Issues

Advanced Damp proofing provides damp surveys in Marylebone at affordable rates. We have wide experience in tackling damp problems. We assure high-quality damp surveys of your home as our specialists have immense experience and skills for spotting the presence of dampness.

For Marylebone damp proofing specialists contact Advanced Damp now.

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Damp within homes is a very common issue. A high amount of damp caused in properties is due to poor maintenance, a lack of adequate ventilation and often in older properties, high ground levels can result in the lack of an effective damp proof course.

Modern houses often have bad ventilation and mixed with poor use of heating can result in condensation problems.

Some properties may have been built without a DPC or those that have been built with one, may find this is no longer working to its full capacity because of changes in ground levels, damage from building renovations or frequently with buildings built on sloping site and hills, the older damp proofing measures are no longer working well enough to meet our modern day standards.

A DPC is a ‘Damp Proof Course’ which is a barrier inserted through the bottom of the wall to prevent water rising from the soil in to the wall. Older properties were not normally built with one, however the were introduced generally from around 1875.

Older Damp proof courses were usually built from slate however in construction nowadays they are made from plastic. When a new DPC is installed as a remedial measure, this is usually installed by making holes into the walls and injecting a waterproof liquid or high strength chemical cream which forms the new damp proof course by creating a strong protection barrier within your wall.

Major issues with damp walls is that timbers in contact with the walls which are susceptible to decay. When damp gets bad, certain levels of dampness may also ruin your decorations and damage plaster work.

The majority of properties are very likely to have had a form of damp treatment carried out previously, but this may no longer be sufficient to meet our modern day standards and often alterations carried out during renovations will damage existing damp proof courses and / or remove previous waterproofing.

The addition of new driveways and patios etc often bridges old damp proof courses as ground levels are raised.

Many basements and cellars are now being upgraded into usable space where previously these rooms may have been coal stores or left empty.

If you are unsure whether or not your property has adequate damp proofing systems installed book a survey here.

The different types of damp represent themselves in different ways but have some common indicators include:

  • Damp or musty smell
  • Excessive condensation on windows
  • Tide marks on the wall
  • Peeling wallpaper or paint
  • Discoloured or dark patches on the floors, wall, & ceilings
  • Mould or mildew growth

Diagnosing damp by yourself can become expensive, as the wrong diagnoses and treatment methods can cause structural damage to the property. The best way to get rid of damps begins with the actual cause of the damp and finding the source of damp. So, if that very step is misdiagnosed, you are likely to end up with more losses. 

At Advanced Damp, we have surveyors with decades of experience that will help your find the source, cause, and most effective treatment for your damp problems. So, we encourage getting in touch with a specialist damp proofing company to get the suggestions.