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Dampness can cause decay of plaster and damage to paints. To avoid dampness at your property, ventilation is the ultimate requirement as it prevents moisture. Properties facing damp problems require damp proofing specialists for controlling moisture and timber decay. We are a damp proofing specialist company in Marlow who have damp proof specialists for your property maintenance. We have damp-proofing experts in Marlow who keep all the walls of your home safe from any leak. So, if you are having a damp proof problem, you can contact us via message or call now on 0300 373 7251.


We Provide Expert Damp & Property Care Services nationwide.


Get A 20 Year Guarantee On New Installations Carried Out By Our Team.


Trustmark Endorsed. Fully Insured & Accredited With Quality Mark Protection.


We Provide Free Quotations For Any Type Of Residential & Commercial Project.

Why choose Advanced Damp?

Why choose us?

We have been delivering damp proofing services for the last 30 years. All our works provide guarantee and insurance. We strictly follow every term of the consent and take care of your needs so that you always have a local contact whenever you need a damp professional.

Affordable prices

All our solutions are very much affordable. However, our specialists will attend your home for a damp survey beforehand. They identify the damp issue and then provide you with the best possible solution according to your budget.

Trained and professional workers

Damp proofing is not an easy task to accomplish. You need a professionally trained specialist to make sure the job is done correctly, many homeowners nowadays are attempting the DIY route to then find the damp issue returning a year later. We have professional, trained staff for treating your damp the most efficient way. Don’t take the risk! Hire a team of experienced and qualified contractors.

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Rising Damp

Rising Damp

Local damp proofing marlow

Our team of damp proofers have over 30 years experience in damp proofing and wall treatment. Our local Marlow damp proofing team have over 50 five star reviews and have been based locally since 2004. Get in touch now!

Our business is to remove moisture from every wall of your building. We are a local damp proofing company who not only provides service for Marlow damp but also woodworm and other related property damp. We are the contractor of our business and have worked on a number of projects and strictly follow every term.

Damp proofing causes

Your home or property in Marlow can get damp because of many reasons. This could happen due to a number of issues such as broken gutters and cracks in joints. Condensation can be the reason for dampness too. If your home is having a dampness issue contact us immediately to get advice on your next steps for treatment and prevention. Our surveyors will come to survey your property and after identifying the problems will give you advice accordingly.

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Marlow Damp Proofing Services

Our damp proofing experts in Marlow provide the best services for all your damp problems. Every wall of your building will get a new life because we provide the best staff members for every damp proof job. Here are some of our damp proof services that will renew your building:

Treating rising damp

We solve every rising damp problem by installing the damp-proof course.

Treating penetrating damp

We provide an internal/external waterproofing service solution to prevent your building from penetrating damp.

Basement waterproofing

We install a basement waterproofing system so that your building avoids below-ground dampness.


Our team has plenty of experience to identify high-humidity areas and control condensation.

Damp surveys

Our damp proofing company has a team of specialists, professionals, expert proofers, and surveyors who are ready to attend your home in Marlow. So, if you are looking for quality damp proofing work at your property then get the services from our specialists. All our damp surveyors and staff member work accordingly to solve your damp proof problem.

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