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Advanced Damp are a team of PCA damp specialists, surveyors, technicians, and property experts. We have more than 30 years experience and we take pride in our quality of work. We have been working throughout Maidenhead and the surrounding areas since the start of business. Looking for damp treatment in the Maidenhead area?


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Why us?

A damp corner of a wall can destroy the whole wall from inside if left untreated. Even worse it can completely destroy the wall if it is mistreated. Damp proofing is a technical process and it requires great knowledge and expertise in the field. We assure you that our team are qualified to the highest standard and offer quality workmanship you can trust.

We have technical knowledge of the work we do and it leaves you no tension of damp walls or mould at all. Our Damp proofing and rising damp treatments have been trialed and tested for decades, so you can assure you are getting the industry best.


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exterior wall has been hacked of to prepare for rising damp treatment
rising damp internal wall damage. Wall is showing flaking paint and bad defects

Our property damp proofing?

rising damp experts Maidenhead

A wall might look a little cracked from the outside but you cannot judge how much it is deteriorating from the inside. Our team starts its work from the ground level. We first analyse the extent of rising damp in the wall. The internal moisture is calculated by the moisture meter.

According to that and the place where it needs damp proofing, our technicians decide which type of rising damp treatment will be most suitable for that part. Then starting off with the actual work, we will make sure that all the outer salt plaster is removed

With a new DPI you are getting the most effective rising damp solution at a fraction of the cost for a brand new damp course. Contact Advanced Damp proofing in Maidenhead on 0300 373 7251 for rising damp treatment.

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Penetrating damp treatment

penetrative damp Services Maidenhead

Penetrative damp is the moisture that seeps in the inner walls of a property from the exterior. It can be due to moisture seeping in from outside, any broken water channel, hole in the chimney, broken bricks in the wall, or any other source that can let water in. if they are left untreated it can totally shatter your house’s foundation. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore. Advanced Damp has got it all covered.

We can fix the penetrated damp within a quick and effective manner before the issue becomes more serious. We can fix a broken brick, leaked pipe, or anything that is causing this problem. If there is any place that allows moisture seepage, we use damp proof plaster to block it in place.

Suffering from Penetrating Damp in Maidenhead? 


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Condensation control Maidenhead

Condensation Damp of your internal walls and capturing of moisture inside a property can be due to various reasons. You cannot always stop the moisture; you have to do something to stop the damp. We have the following methods for condensation damp proofing:

  • Anti-Condensation paint
  • Positive pressure ventilation
  • Heat recovery ventilation

We can assure you we will find the best solution to tackle your condensation and damp problem.

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Maidenhead damp Surveys

Do you experience mould, wet ceilings & walls, and peeling paint constantly? If so, then you’re likely to have moisture or dampness in your home or building. To get to the root cause, extent, and solution of the damp in your home, office, or shop, you should hire experts to carry out a damp survey in your building. Moreover, a damp survey will also let you know how well the existing damp-proofing is performing. When getting a damp survey in your home, it always goes a long way to hire professionals. And that brings you to us. At Advanced Damp, we provide reliable damp survey and damp treatment services. Our experts have carried out numerous damp surveys with great accuracy, and we strive to do the same for you. So let us perform a damp survey in your home!