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Is your property suffering from damp in Luton? 

Properties at some stage suffer from damp problems, which is common. The presence of unwanted moisture in your building or property causes dampness. Damp can be very damaging for your property if it does not get the required treatment. Damp proofing is a treatment that extends the life of the walls of your building. If you are looking for quality damp proofing services in Luton, we can help you with damp proofing, timber preservation, and woodworm treatments as well.


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Why Damp Occurs

Property damp can occur because of penetrating damp, rising damp, and condensation. Here are some symptoms that will ensure if your building is having dampness or not.

  • Damp causes woodworm which leads your building towards mould.
  • Damp will cause the paint in your home to decay.
  • Damp will form stains on the walls of your property.

Penetrating and rising damp are the culprits for causing a damp problem. Damp gets occurred because of moisture caused by leakage. For the maintenance of your property, you require damp proofing treatments from our experts.

Identifying damp

Identifying the damp problem and suggesting the right treatments is our main job. On our survey, we determine what is the reason for damp. Our team members and surveyors identify the cause and form of damp and provide you with the required treatments. The type of damp needs to be correctly diagnosed because it will help in solving the damp problem. Damp proofing gets easier when the exact cause of damp is identified.

penetrating damp on exterior painted house. Black mould is covering the property

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black mould and signs of damp on internal walls of a house

Damp proofing services Luton

We provide damp proofing, timber treatment, and woodworm treatment in Luton. You can contact us via message or e-mail for a free survey and get details regarding any damp proofing service. Here are some of our damp proofing services in Luton, Bedfordshire, and other home counties:

  • We control rising damp.
  • We take care of the penetrating damp.
  • We reduce condensation.

If your property requires any damp proofing in Luton, give us a message and we will survey your place. All our surveys in Luton are free and we provide complete details regarding your damp issues.

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Why choose us?

Taking care of your property can be stressful. You need to choose a damp proofing company that has the best reviews and that takes care of your rights and data as well. If there is a need for Luton damp proofing, give us a message or you can also approach us through our website. Luton damp proofing is our business and we not only take care of our business but also your rights and data. This helps in finding more damp proofing work.

Guaranteed work

All our work is guaranteed and covered with insurance. It means that if any damage happens to the work that we have done, will be compensated by the insurance.

damp penetration on wall

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Damp Survey Luton

One of the things that damage your home’s structure, beauty, hygiene, or any other property is moisture or dampness in its walls or floors. If you own a home or building that’s showing signs of moisture or dampness, you must get your property thoroughly inspected for dampness. And that calls for you to get a damp survey of your building.

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At Advanced Damp, we provide professional and highly reliable free damp surveys of any kind of building and surrounding areas. Regardless of whether you have a home in a beautiful locality of the town, a commercial building, or a small family-owned shop, there’s always a way for dampness to get into your building. Don’t let dampness ruin your home. Whether it’s timber, dry rot, woodworm, cellar tanking, or damaged plaster, let our Luton professionals fix it!

Our damp survey services will completely inspect for dampness. So call us now or fill our form and get a comprehensive damp survey in Luton!

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