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As a leading damp company, we have strong reputation in Leighton Buzzard and nearby counties for our professionalism and work ethic in dealing with damp and related issues. Advanced Damp is a family-run team of local damp specialists. We are well-versed with the Leighton Buzzard climate and properties, helping us work in a much better, efficient manner.

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About Advanced Damp

Experienced damp specialists

We totally understand the worries of those facing damp issues – after all, watching the nasty damp ruining the home of your dreams just doesn’t feel right. Who would like ugly watermarks, blisters and mould creeping up on the walls of their home? We completely understand your frustration, which is why we are here, ready to help.

With our extensive experience in the damp proofing and property preservation industry, we promptly diagnose the issue, its causes and swiftly jump into action to rectify it. We ensure we deliver our best. The amazing feedback and 5-star reviews speak for itself.

The next time you face dampness and related issues, you know who to call! We cover Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas. Contact us now and we will be happy to send out our damp specialist for a free survey.

penetrating damp on exterior painted house. Black mould is covering the property

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internal wall rising damp which has damaged the internal wall moisture levels
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Leighton Buzzard Damp Professionals

Rising Damp treatment

What are the most common signs of rising damp? It begins with damp spots, then patches, and in no time, you will see your paint and wallpaper peeling off. Wet carpets and damp floor coverings also count as initial stages of rising damp.

The cause of rising damp is pretty simple – groundwater moves up the floor and walls of your home through masonry capillaries. This can be a serious nuisance if left unattended. This is why you need to immediately call for the services of a reputed and reliable rising damp company.

When called for, our damp proofers immediately jump into action, detecting the root cause of the rising damp and fixing it in no time. And yes, we’re just a call away, with our professional team waiting to help you resolve the damp plaguing your home. Call us now for a free damp survey by a qualified surveyor in Leighton Buzzard.

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Penetrating damp treatment

Penetrative Damp

Penetrative damp is the most difficult to detect, as it can happen due to a variety of reasons, leading to water infiltration in your property. The reasons can vary from a leaking roof or water pipe to a chimney with holes or an ill-constructed gutter channel.

If penetrative damp is crawling up the walls of your house, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. This is a complex type of damp that only an experienced professional can diagnose and resolve.

If you’re looking for a company with a special team dedicated to resolving issues caused by a penetrative damp, you know we’re here to help you out! Give us a call, we’ll be right there!

damp proofing in leighton buzzard

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Condensation treatment due to heavy water occurring on windows

Condensation damp

Who knew a natural process of condensation would ruin the walls of your home? As the warm, humid vapour settles in colder temperatures, it immediately transforms into water droplets. These droplets can cause a condensation problem in your house if it is poorly ventilated.

As this type of condensation damp needs thorough investigation, it’s best you look for an experienced damp professional who can not only identify the damp but also counter it effectively. At Advanced damp, our damp proofers quickly diagnose your dampness due to condensation with our advanced mechanism and work swiftly towards resolving it.

Damp damage due to condensation can ruin the aesthetics of your building. Before that happens, reach out to us! We will ensure quick action to permanently get rid of your condensation damp.

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Damp Survey Experts

Whether you’re buying a new property, moving into a new home, or already own a home, having a damp survey of your property will give you peace of mind. It helps to know whether you’re buying a damp-free property or not, saving you from potential damp problems and saving a lot of money and stress. Advanced Damp provides professional and trusted damp survey services to all types of buildings. Whether it’s a home, shop, or commercial building, our surveyors can carry out highly reliable and professional damp surveys. Having immense experience dealing with damp problems, our professionals know how to spot damp, source, and appropriate ways to deal with it. So give us a call and book our damp survey for your building now!

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professional damp surveyor testing the walls of a home. Moisture readings are showing 1.0%.
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