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Are you searching for damp treatment in Kensington and Chelsea? Many things cause damp penetration. The primary cause behind this is that the external walls are becoming highly porous. That means they no longer prevent moisture from entering the walls. At Advanced Damp, we offer a penetrating damp treatment and damp proofing Kensington and Chelsea. 


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Advanced damp proofing kensington and Chelsea offers treatment created by penetrating water. That is a part of our penetrating damp treatment Kensington and Chelsea. We promise to help protect your house from further rain and damp penetration issues with our high-strength cream for brick waterproofing Kensington and Chelsea. With the help of our masonry protection cream, we treat external walls.

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At advanced damp, we use high pressure sprayed protection cream as an affordable way to eliminate Penetrating damp. You only need one coat to give your walls protection for about 25 years. It’s the perfect solution for small cracks where you need the most protection.

Our waterproofing system is a transparent and breathable water-resistant treatment for render, brick, concrete, and stone walls. This cream will prevent penetrating damp without even altering the wall’s appearance. It will seep inside the walls and act as a water-resilient barrier. The cream has been approved for use by appropriate authorities.

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Improved Thermal resistance

Permanently remove penetrating damp

When the masonry protection is moist inside the walls, it affects their thermal performance. The conventional insulation of thermal resistance doesn’t do well for ancient buildings. Many properties have single-skin walls, and that makes them unfit to be protected from cavities. Our waterproof system is the ideal solution to improve the thermal performance of your walls.

It ensures that all insulation properties are maximised. That gives you more waterproof brickwork. In the UK, heat losses are common from the house’s walls. With the help of our masonry damp proof coating, your walls will have a maintained temperature as the solution will reduce heat loss.

Improved Thermal Resistance

Our water-resistant wall coating offers superior flood-resistance. That’s because the solution does not allow the water to enter inside the wall. After testing two walls were constructed using sand and bricks. They were left to be stabilized for about 12 months so that we could test them for flood resistance.

One of the walls has our waterproof coating while the other one was not treated. Both of these walls were made a subject to equal water pressure. Even though the untreated depicted no cracks, but still allowed the water to run through it. However, our protected wall did not let any water pass through because the masonry protection cream acted as a barrier to stop the water.

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