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Greenford is a great place to live, but damp issues are extremely common, affecting thousands of local homes each year. However, Advanced damp will help you overcome all of your damp issues. Expert help, advice, and complete damp proofing service. We are ready to provide help in issues such as rising damp, penetrating damp, cellar tanking, wet rot, dry rot control, damp survey, basement waterproofing, and condensation problems.

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Are you worried about damp?

Greenford Damp Proofing Treatment

If you are facing a damp issue and looking for someone to carry out the correct damp treatment, we are here to help. Damp problems can become challenging with time, and they normally appear in watermarks, blisters, dry rots or moulds.

Damp can ruin the beauty of your home both from the outside and inside. We understand your concerns, and our professional team is always ready to treat your damp problem in an efficient and costly manner.

Extensive Experience & Expertise

Our damp proofing company has vast experience in damp proofing services and other related treatments. We offer a high-quality service to the people of Greenford and surrounding areas, supporting the local community property repairs and damp issues. Apart from this, our business provides property preservation expertise to maintain your home in the long term.

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You can get in touch with us anytime during business hours to speak to one of our damp proofing specialists. We can offer you a damp survey on short notice to carry out an inspection of your home. The Greenford damp proofing team will inspect the whole property and provide a detailed report on the current damp issues and available damp treatments.

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Ultimate guide to residential damp properties

What is causing damp in my home?

Reasons for Damp

Property damp can come in many different forms. An extremely common type of damp is the result of water that starts penetrating the exterior cracks into the space of the walls and then degrades its condition. Usually, cracks in roofs or poorly managed gutters are the main sources of penetrating damp. If it is left untreated right at the start, it expands, and the issue can quickly worsen.

Damp proofing Greenford experts

Our damp experts in Greenford are highly qualified with certifications by the property care association and City and Guilds. This gives you the confidence you are getting the job done by qualified damp specialists. When our damp specialists visit your property, we perform complete research of the area and then present a feasible solution to the owner of that property.

Damp affects locations very differently, so being aware of the water table and various other factors can play an important role in the treatment required. Our experts only provide the best and most feasible solution for your needs.

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Experts in property care

Greenford damp surveys

Our damp surveys in Greenford are carried out by a fully qualified PCA damp proofing specialist. We have been providing local damp surveys to the Greenford area for the past 30 years. Our surveys go through the complete process of diagnosing damp problems in your property. We use advanced testing equipment to measure for high readings within the property.

Our surveys include testing of condensation, rising damp, penetrating damp, damp walls, damp proof course, dry rot, wood rot, brickwork, woodworm treatments, timber, affected plaster, renderingpaintwork, and more.

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professional damp surveyor testing the walls of a home. Moisture readings are showing 1.0%.
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