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A long-running, family damp company in Great Missenden, we are particularly known for our efficient damp services and long reputation. We deliver what we promise, and every member of our team strives to live up to our motto. We offer specialist advice and guarantee-backed repairs for dampness and other related problems.


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Damp on the walls of your home is not at all a pleasant experience. The watermark, blisters and nasty mould simply add on to the damage. At Advanced Damp, we understand your worries, which is why we put our vast damp proofing experience to use and help resolve dampness and it’s ugly effects at the earliest.

Just a call and our team of expert damp surveyors will be right there to diagnose and prescribe a solution to your problems immediately.

If you reside in Great Missenden, or nearby areas, feel free to reach out to us – we will send out our local damp specialist for a free survey of your house.

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Rising Damp

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Rising Damp cure

It is likely that you have witnessed rising damp and its ill effects – the damp patches, peeling off paint and wallpaper, damp carpets and plaster. These effects may arise if the dampness is neglected for too long. Rising damp is caused by groundwater moving up through the floor and walls through the capillaries in masonry. Instead of letting the damp fester, it is best to take a prompt decision and call for a reliable, reputed damp company to get it sorted.

Talking about reliability, we have a team of certified damp specialists that you can completely trust. Our team will accurately analyse the root cause and also come up with a solution before we quickly move into action.

For trustworthy damp proofing services, you can reach out to if you face any rising damp related issues.

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Penetrating Damp

Another common form of dampness is penetrative damp. It is usually caused by seepage of water into the walls of your property due to a host of reasons. The causes can vary from a leaky roof or water pipe, poorly constructed gutter lines to a chimney with holes. Older properties usually face this problem, leading to the degradation of the walls.

The best way to get rid of penetrative damp completely is to seek help from the professionals. Call them, describe the issue, and let them take care of it.

If you’re looking for a penetrative damp specialist in Great Missenden or nearby areas, we’re here. Give us a ring on 0300 373 7251 and we will have a damp proofer at your door right away.

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Condensation problems

If you are facing dampness issues due to condensation, we recommend that you don’t ignore it. Despite being a natural process of converting warm air into droplets of water, condensation can do a lot of damage. Poor ventilation not only causes this type of dampness but also aggravates it.

The only thing you can do to get rid of dampness is to thoroughly check your property inside out. Now, this does seem a tedious task, which is why it is advisable to call in the damp specialists. These professionals have faster and effective ways to find out the exact cause of the dampness.

Our team of damp specialists employs quick and easy ways to not only detect but also get rid of condensation damp. You know what to do – simply give us a call, and we’ll head straight to your home!

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Professional Surveyors

If you’re living in your home for quite a while now or buying a new property, then you need to determine if you’re living in or purchasing a property that’s damp free. That’s because dampness or moisture damage the property and bring health implications too. It always pays off well to identify if there’s any sort of dampness in the building for homeowners or property investors. With our damp survey services, you can get a comprehensive idea of whether damp is an issue in your building or not. Our expert damp surveyors inspect your building comprehensively and prepare a report that lets you know if there’s damp or not, how much it needs to be contained, its source, and the ideal way to tackle it. So hire us now!

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