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Advanced Damp is one of the leading exterior wall coating companies serving the South of England. We have been based in Hertfordshire for over 30 years, offering the highest quality of waterproof protective coatings for your home. Exterior wall coatings are much more than your usual paint. Wall coatings are thicker, fibre-bonded, and high-pressure sprayed-on for maximum durability.

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Advanced Damp offers exterior wall coatings and damp protection for your home!

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Spray-on weatherproof wall coatings

When you need a long-term and efficient way to restore the external appearance of your property, exterior wall coatings are your best option. Whether it’s from inclement weather or affected rendering, wall coatings can make any home look as though they were built yesterday! Along with the excellent appearance, it is the strongest and most durable type of paint on the market. Offering at least 20 years of protection over your usual paints. Wall coatings are fully waterproof protecting your home against penetrating damp from bad weather conditions.

Advanced Damp wall coating system

Improve the look and protection of your home! invest in our exterior wall coatings and never go through the hassle of re-painting again. We’ll enhance the value of your home with this miracle of our waterproof coatings while providing an exceptional finish! With any defects or repairs carried out for free as part of the process, these would commonly include replacement rendering crack repairs and minor alterations. Our paint system is a high-quality painting job with a difference; We offer a 20-year guarantee with all our wall coatings and a free maintenance plan.

Complete house protection service

Advanced Damp’s wall coatings are designed to not flake, peel, or crack. You no longer need to worry about penetrating damp problems after using our fully waterproof coatings with added thermal resistance. Our coatings help keep the warmth inside your home, reducing bills and keeping condensation at bay.

Rendering repairs

Render is the first layer on your home’s exterior and protects it from water damage, but over time it will start to wear down just like everything else does. That means cracks are more likely to form which could lead to leaks or other moisture problems. Luckily we offer our own rendering repair service free of charge with our coating jobs. Get in touch now to find out more about our full restoration and coating system to renew the outside of your home.

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Free exterior painting house survey

Our coatings come in a wide variety of colours. Get in touch with our team to get a free survey of a wall coating specialist. We will advise on colours, types of paints, and thoroughly explain our work process.

Our jobs are extremely efficient, we take 3-5 day to complete a full house coating. Contact us now to find out more.

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