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At Advanced Damp, our qualified woodworm specialists have the expertise and experience to effectively address all your woodworm related issues. Trust us to protect your property and create a healthy, dry living environment.


With 30 years of experience, Advanced Damp offers unmatched expertise in woodworm treatment. Trust our proven track record for exceptional results and let us provide you with reliable solutions to protect your property from infestation.


With consistent 5-star feedback, Advanced Damp delivers exceptional service and reliable solutions that leave customers satisfied. Choose us with confidence for an exceptional experience.

Say Goodbye to Woodworm Infestations with Our Effective Treatment Solutions

Advanced Damp is the solution to all your woodworm needs. We offer solutions and treatment for properties that suffer from all types of woodworm and rot problems. From our reliable specialists to our guarantee-backed treatments, you can count on us.

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All our damp specialists are qualified to the highest degree, so you have every assurance that the issue will be managed by trained and experienced damp experts.

We are a leading damp and timber treatment company working across the South East of England including the Home counties and London. 

Don’t let damp compromise the structural integrity and aesthetics of your property any longer. Call us now and let our dedicated team provide you with a tailored, cost-effective solution that will transform your space into a dry and healthy environment. Experience the difference with our team of specialists and ensure a long-lasting, woodworm-free future for your property.

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Protect Your Property from Devastating Woodworm Damage with Our Proven Treatment Solutions

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Comprehensive Inspections for Effective Woodworm Treatment

Ensure the success of your woodworm treatment with our comprehensive inspections. Our expert technicians meticulously assess every nook and cranny, leaving no infestation undetected. We identify the extent of the problem, develop a tailored treatment plan, and provide you with a detailed report. Trust us to deliver targeted solutions that eliminate woodworm for good. Schedule an inspection today and protect your property from further damage.

Efficient Woodworm Treatment for Swift Results

Experience swift and effective woodworm treatment with Advanced Damp. Our expert team utilises advanced techniques and industry-approved products to eradicate infestations efficiently. Say goodbye to woodworm damage and restore the integrity of your wooden surfaces. Schedule your treatment today and protect your property with confidence.

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“Highly professional woodworm treatment…”


“Advanced Damp were highly professional in the woodworm treatment service they provided us. We found the team very clear to explain the treatment, steps for follow-up, and advice on another possible area of woodworm in the house all very helpful. They were on time, and committed to tidying up as part of the service.

We really appreciated the immediate response to the request we placed on the website, and the fact that they could fit us in so quickly. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these services.”

~ Bruce

“Practical, helpful approach…”


“Super-prompt, efficient, courteous and tidy service from Advanced Damp. I had lots of concerns about getting the woodworm treatment to fit in with some improvement work we had planned and some unplanned insurance work, and their practical, helpful approach and detailed advice has taken a huge weight off my mind.

They really tailored what they did to what we needed, and will be doing some more work for us to fit in with the schedule we have to work to. I’d have no hesitation in recommending them.”

~ Jane

“Sorted quickly and efficiently…”


“My woodworm problem was sorted quickly and efficiently by Advanced Damp.

The team were excellent at their job and explained to me what they were doing and why, every step of the way. I felt confident that they were experienced in the problem. I will definitely use them again.”

~ Christine

Lasting Protection Against Woodworm Infestations

Our woodworm treatment offers lasting results. Our expert team uses proven methods and quality products to eliminate woodworm and provide long-term protection for your property. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your wooden surfaces are safeguarded. Choose our trusted services today and bid farewell to woodworm for good.

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Minimised Disruption for Hassle-Free Woodworm Treatment

We understand the importance of a hassle-free woodworm treatment process. Our skilled technicians prioritise minimising disruption to your property and daily life. With efficient procedures and advanced techniques, we ensure a seamless experience while effectively eradicating woodworm infestations. Schedule your woodworm treatment today and enjoy a smooth process from start to finish.

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Some Of Our Commercial Clients

Advanced Damp are trusted by leading estate agents nationwide for our reliable woodworm treatment services. Count on our expertise to resolve damp issues effectively, meeting the high standards expected in the industry. Choose us for professional and trusted solutions to your property’s timber concerns.

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Protect Your Property from Moisture Damage and Enjoy a Healthy, Dry Living Environment

Comprehensive woodworm treatment & guarantees

At Advanced Damp, we prioritise customer satisfaction and take pride in the quality of our work. That’s why we offer comprehensive guarantees for both our workmanship and the materials we use in our woodworm treatment services.

Our guarantees provide you with peace of mind, knowing that we stand behind the durability and effectiveness of our solutions.

With our commitment to excellence and our comprehensive guarantees, you can trust Advanced Damp. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Benefits of Advanced Damp Ltd:

  • 30 years of experience in the trade
  • Quality assured solutions provided by qualified surveyors
  • Services backed by 20-year work guarantees
  • Carry out over 1000 jobs every year
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