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Advanced Damp is a family-run damp proofing company offering local damp services in Ealing. Whether you have water ingress issues or rising dampness, we offer damp proofing treatment in Ealing at affordable prices to help you protect your property and repair any damage caused by dampness.

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Advanced Damp offer Specialist Damp Proofing treatment and comprehensive damp protection for your home!

Ealing damp proofing treatment

If you live or work in the Ealing area and discovered any dampness signs in your building, spotted mould or want to damp proof your property, look no further than Advanced Damp specialists to help.

Experiencing unsightly damp patches, stained walls, and musty smell affecting your Ealing property can be extremely problematic. Besides, if left untreated, it can cause health issues such as respiratory illness and allergies that can be even worse. More common in older properties of Ealing where the original damp proof course may damage over time, rising damp can break down the wall plaster damaging them. 

At Advanced Damp, we understand how frustrating and unhealthy it is to live in such damp conditions. So our damp experts in Ealing help you to get rid of damp permanently with our best-known methods.

Years of Extensive Experience

Advanced Damp has 30 years of vast experience behind us to make sure property gets damp treated by the best in the market. Our qualified and experienced damp surveyors are pro at diagnosing the damp issues and recommending the best solutions for damp treatment. As a leading damp proofing and property preservation company in Ealing, we take pride in the reputation we have built through many years of dedication and commitment to our clients. 

Want to know more about what we offer? Call us, and we would love to discuss your home improvement needs in detail. 

penetrating damp on exterior painted house. Black mould is covering the property
damp patches on internal walls causing bubbling paint above skirting board
rising damp company

Rising Damp in houses

Are you observing yellowish-brown tide lines on your walls? Is your plaster in the lower area of the wall is blown? If it’s a yes for either of the questions, then you are facing rising damp in your Ealing property. 

Rising damp is caused in building due to the upward movement of moisture from groundwater through the walls by means of capillary action. Porous building materials allow the groundwater to pass through them in rising dampness and damage the structure. Besides, it brings ground salts along with damp which are hygroscopic. If left untreated for long, it may lead to cause black spots of mould, which in turn leads to health problems. 

Our rising damp experts in Ealing can help you with the prevention and treatment of this type of damp. Our damp work involves the placement of damp-proof courses and maintenance. As a reliable and reputable rising damp company in Ealing, we can help you effectively to get rid of damp and repair the damages caused by it. 

Professional Damp Proofing Experts 

Our damp surveyors are well-trained and equipped with the right kind of standard certification, which helps inspect and analyse the damp problem looking for the right sources that caused it in the first place. Once the causes are identified, we move ahead to solve the issues. The rising damp treatment is then suggested based on its severity, but generally, it includes a blend of damp proof course and damp proof injections. 

Contact us now and arrange for you one of our best damp proofing surveyors to visit your building. 

Penetrating Damp specialists

Penetrating damp is caused due to excess water infiltrating through the outer wall and into a building. It can occur via roofs, walls, or ceilings. Penetrating damp in the Ealing properties is usually the result of defects, including faulty guttering, defective seals, and cracks in walls, roof tiles, leaking burst pipe, defective masonry, porous walls, and more. 

It can cause severe damage such as deteriorating internal decoration, damaging plastering, rotting timber floors and skirting boards, brick damage, and mould growth. 

Get Help from Our Penetrating Damp Experts!

It is advised to seek the help of damp professional experts when experiencing penetrating damp in your property. If you need a damp local proof treatment company in Ealing, give us a call, and we can arrange a team of damp proofers for your property. Our penetrating damp treatment includes brick waterproofing to protect your building in all kinds of weathers. 

The quicker you act to resolve the penetrating damp problem, the less property damage will occur as a result. 

damp proofing damage on the walls of house
damp penetration on wall. Scaffolding put in place to start job
dehumidifier preventing damp and decreasing humidity
mould around the windows from condensation.

Condensation Control Ealing

If your property is missing a proper ventilation system, may your building be at risk of condensation? When warm air comes into contact with a cold surface, it gets cooled and results in water droplets. This kind of dampness is known as condensation. Moist air coming from showering, hot baths, drying clothes, cooking, and kettle with boiling water rest on the surface of windows, doors, and ceiling causing condensation dampness. 

Condensation leads to damp patches on walls, unsightly decoration peeling, rotting of timber, and mainly the growth of hazardous black mould if not treated instantly. Mould can lead to serious health issues causing respiratory illness, allergies, and asthma. 

Let Our Condensation Experts Help You!

Our damp specialist in Ealing can check your property to see what kind of damp is there. Our experts diagnose condensation dampness with the help of Temperature and Humidity data cards and then suggest your various treatment options.

Get rid of dampness and don’t allow it to damage your building aesthetics. Call our Ealing damp proof services and get a no-obligation quote today!

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