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Don’t let dampness ruin your beautiful home!

Do you own a residential property or commercial building? One of the things that tarnish the beauty, appeal, and structure of a building is dampness and condensation problems. Keeping damp away from your home or commercial building is critical to protecting the structure’s beauty and strength. At Advanced Damp LTD, we help you determine the cause of dampness throughout your property. 

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Professional Damp Survey

Our damp surveyors at Advanced Damp LTD have dealt with toughest of damp problems, making them highly experienced professionals you can trust. We have been in the damp proofing business for over 20 years, so you can guarantee we have the ability to detect the severest damp issues. Our damp surveyors will save your property from any damage caused by dampness by detecting the problem and offering an effective remedy. 

Our damp surveyors have helped many people with their damp surveys from a single room apartment to multi-story buildings. They can detect the source of dampness and propose the best solution to save you from a huge expense. 

Our damp surveyors are transparent with the whole process, skilled, and highly trained for delivering professional services. Over the years, we have served numerous property owners. What makes us unique is that we don’t try to sell solutions but rather recommend the best solution to tackle your damp problem. Whether you are suffering from damp walls, water ingress, rising dampness, penetrating damp or condensation we will discover the problem.

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Damp survey services

When you hire Advanced Damp LTD, expect the following from us:

  • Identify the presence of damp problems on the walls, floor, and other sections of the property
  • Determine the cause of dampness and the damage caused by it
  • Inspection of the existing damp proofing course, if there’s any 
  • Detailed inspection of the problems or damage caused to the structure of your building
  • Identifying the potential damp problems that your property can suffer
  • Providing a comprehensive survey report
  • Providing a detailed solution to tackle the problem
  • We guarantee to satisfy you with our services. 

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Advanced Damp offer Specialist Damp surveys and comprehensive damp protection for your home!

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Why do you need a damp survey?

Your Local Damp Experts

Damp problems are common in houses and commercial buildings. Their identification and treatment isn’t a straightforward job. Damp damages a building in many ways, which is why you need to hire a damp surveyor for your property. Some of the reasons your building may need a damp survey include:

  • Damp problems go on to destroy the appeal and beauty of the building.
  • It damages the structure of the building and reduces its strength.
  • You can suffer a great loss because you need to spend a lot of money to make corrections to the building.
  • It disturbs your peace of mind.

If your property is showing signs of moisture and dampness in its walls, hire one of our surveyors immediately.

Damp Walls?

Get the results you need

When you experience mould in your home or potential signs of dampness in your walls, it’s always a wise decision to hire us and get your home inspected for damp. You would want the surveyors to be qualified for the task, well-prepared, experienced, and professional so you can get the desired results.

Thankfully, Our team are trained and experienced enough to deliver the highest quality services. Whether you are a tenant or homeowner, you can hire us for our specialised damp survey services. 

Hire us and save thousands in the future!

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Advanced Damp LTD

Over the years, we have helped numerous property owners inspect their property for dampness and damp proofing. Our clients were able to save thousands of pounds because of our timely identification and treatment services. 

Contact Advanced Damp LTD now and let our damp surveyors help you immediately.