Damp Survey in London & Home Counties

Are you the proud owner of a residential property or commercial building?

Do you want to make sure you never lose out to potentially costly issues like rising damp, dry rot, or crumbling plaster?

We know the feeling, which is why we always recommend getting in touch with our expert surveyors for a London damp proofing survey. They can advise precisely what remedial treatment you need for your particular type of damp.

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What is a damp survey?

A damp survey involves our specialists visiting your property to gather details on how the building was constructed and assess any features that are at risk of becoming damaged and may need regular maintenance. At Advanced Damp Ltd, we’ve dealt with the toughest problems for over 20 years. This means you can be guaranteed we have the ability to detect the most severe damp issues quicker than anyone.

By sending a qualified damp surveyor direct to your property, we’ll save it from any damage caused by dampness by detecting the problem early and offering an effective remedy without delay. Exactly what you want to hear when you’re looking for a professional damp proof survey service you can trust.

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Advanced Damp offer Specialist Damp surveys London and Home Counties

What does a damp proof survey involve?

Our expert damp surveyor will examine the property’s structure, look for defects in the materials, where it lies in relation to the land and how the house was designed to identify any current and potential damage from moisture.

We will advise you on the best way to treat the problem. This is the most common type of inspection and is recommended for new homeowners. The process is simple, so even the most novice homeowner can count on us.

Why you should schedule a damp survey

Damp and condensation problems will cause any property owner stress, resulting in issues like damaged plaster, and can even cause harmful respiratory problems. Clearly, you need the name and number of a team you can trust.

That’s why at Advanced Damp Ltd, we help you determine the cause of dampness throughout your property so you can maintain optimal building structure, make the necessary repairs, and get the peace of mind that only expert advice can provide. Just what you want to hear when you want to make the threat and cost of serious damage a thing of the past.

All you have to do now is keep reading so you can see how our fully qualified experts can help get rid of those troublesome damp patches once and for all. In just a couple of minutes, you’ll know everything you need to know, have a stress-free solution at your fingertips, and the number of a team who will always get the job done.

How is a damp survey done?

When you hire Advanced Damp, our surveyors will always do the following so you have an effective solution:

• Identify the presence of damp problems on the walls, floor, and other sections of the property
• Determine the cause of dampness and the damage it has already caused
• Inspect all existing damp proofing course thanks to our certificated surveyors
• Detailed inspection of the problems and damage to the structure of your building
• Identify potential damp problems and what will happen if they’re left untreated
• Hear about specialist treatments to combat rising damp without delay
• Provide a comprehensive survey report that other surveys can’t match
• Provide a detailed solution that tackles the problem through smart property care
• Deliver the expert relevant experience that makes all the difference

Are damp proofing surveys worth it?

Many people wonder if damp surveys are worth it. While damp is an important issue, they are not always obvious. A surveyor who flags a property for this is probably very concerned and may be willing to do some extra investigation. It is also important to understand the potential costs of repairs or damage before signing a contract. A survey for dampness will be a great way to negotiate with a seller or landlord. 

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Signs that you need a damp survey

Whether it’s your home or a commercial property, there are numerous tell-tale signs that point toward a problem. When you spot these, it’s vital to go ahead and book a damp survey London as soon as possible: the longer that you ignore the problem, the worse it will become.


So, what are some of the most common signs that damp is causing an issue in your property? It could be that:


  • There is an off-putting smell that can be best described as mouldy
  • Walls may feel cold and damp to touch 
  • You may notice mildew collecting on walls, doors, ceilings, or even floors
  • There may well be dark patches on your walls
  • Wallpaper may start to peel away
  • Plaster may start to bubble or even crumble away
  • You may notice excessive moisture on your windows

If you notice any of these things then alarm bells should be ringing. It could be that your property is experiencing other issues, but the likelihood is that it’s all about damp. The only way to confirm this, and to start taking the required steps to put it right, is by booking in a damp survey London straight away. No matter what may be causing your suspicions, a survey is the only way to get that confirmation and protect your property.

Why Choose our Expert Surveyors

Our damp surveyors can take on anything from single room apartments to multi-story buildings and corporate premises. Unlike most surveys out there, ours make you well aware of what will happen if the issues go untreated. How do we do it? By combining expert tools like a professional damp meter with industry knowledge in what to look for.

Things like visible cracking, unusual features, blocked external gutters, and even poorly fitted external decorations can all cause issues. Even little things like the fit of door and window frames, skirting boards, and the quality of external render coating, will cause damp ingress if you’re not careful. This might sound like a lot to take in, but we’re truly on your side when it comes to stopping the signs of damp.

Our team of experts are always highly transparent with every aspect of the building survey process because they’re homeowners too. They understand the stress caused by issues like damp bridging and if they were a customer, they’d expect all the findings to be laid out simply and clearly.

They will never try to sell solutions like missing pointing, new downpipes, or other expensive property care options if they’re not strictly needed. Instead, they make sure the look of your property is left unchanged. The work is carried out at a convenient time, leaving you happy with contents of the survey.

In short, whether you are suffering from damp walls, water ingress, damp flooring, rising damp, penetrating damp or condensation we will discover the problem and put it right. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Advanced Damp offer Specialist Damp surveys London and Home Counties

A Simple Damp Survey Delivers The Results You Need

Mould in your home, moisture on your windows and the signs of dampness in your walls all cause you stress and sleepless nights.

As the current owner, you might feel like there’s no one to turn to for help, but that’s where our experts and professional surveys come in.

By connecting with a professional surveyor who can deliver a report that’s simple to follow and transparent, you can see the extent of the problem immediately. Precisely what you want to hear when you want to use the damp survey cost to address any scale of the damp problem the smart way.

And because we pride ourselves on delivering a damp survey that saves you time, money, and effort, we make sure the fine details are covered from beginning to end. Perfect when you’re looking for a damp proof survey property owners can rely on!

Connect With Advanced Damp for a Damp Survey London

Over the years we’ve helped beat rising damp, stopped penetrating damp, and delivered damp proof surveys to people from all walks of life.

We’ve also shown the importance of timely damp proofing, connected owners with the relevant property care association, and stopped damp in its tracks. All this is because our surveys are designed to help your property when you need a damp solution that will stand the test of time.

By commissioning surveys for dampness that cover every inch of your property, all carried out with the relevant validation purposes, you can sleep easy with a little help from an expert surveyor.

Because our damp proof survey service talks you through how we combat complex issues like rising damp, and what the relevant property care association has to say about all remedial treatments, we give you peace of mind too.

When you’re ready to commission a property survey with help from an expert surveyor, all you have to do is get in touch with our team. You can even start a survey online and pass the key details onto us without delay!

Contact Advanced Damp now and let our experts provide a service that property owners can trust!

Call us today for more information on 07562719091

Advanced Damp offer Specialist Damp surveys London and Home Counties

What causes damp?

Part of your London damp survey will identify the cause of the problem in your property. As soon as the cause is identified, it’s vital to take steps to put this right so that you can prevent the problem from worsening. While you need a damp specialist to hone in on the exact cause, there are certain factors that are fairly common. These include:


It may seem an obvious point, but any internal spillage can lead to damp issues within your property. It could be that you have a washing machine or a dishwasher that’s leaking. There may be an issue with a bath or a shower that’s overflowing/failing to drain. It could even be that you have a burst pipe that’s causing an issue. Identifying the cause as soon as possible is vital to prevent even more damage from being caused.


There are certain activities that just can’t be avoided in a home. Things such as cooking, washing, showering, and bathing happen in every home across the UK. However, these activities can cause havoc with the humidity levels in your home. The vapour that’s produced can soon start to cause you noticeable problems and action needs to be taken before the issue worsens.

Rain penetration

We like to think of our homes as being almost like forts: a building that can keep us safe and protect us from the elements. The unfortunate truth is that this isn’t always the case. The outer areas of your home can let your property down. Certainly, where certain maintenance tasks haven’t been dealt with, it’s common for rain to find a way in and to start causing problems for your property.

These are just three ways that damp can become an issue for your property. The reality is that there are many more causes and the only way to identify yours is to book a damp survey.


What to damp expect from our damp and timber survey?

While we can’t speak for everyone, what we can say is what a damp survey involves from us. The first step here is to get in touch and book your survey. Following this, one of our experts will visit your property and start the process of getting all of the information that they need they’ll be wanting to know all about the property such as when it was built and any features that are at a heightened risk of becoming damaged. It is our expert who can identify any issues as quickly as possible and start to recommend remedial action.

Of course, a damp survey isn’t just about asking questions. While the information that our expert will gather is vital, just as important is the physical examination. This is where your property will be thoroughly inspected, looking at the structure and any defects that may be present.

As an overview, this is exactly what you can expect when you instruct us to carry out a campy survey London:

  • Our experts will first establish the presence of any damp
  • Next, it’s about identifying the source and assessing any damage that has been caused
  • Our experts will then inspect any existing damp proofing 
  • A detailed inspection will then highlight any problems and damage 
  • You’ll be provided with an in-depth survey report that tells you all that you need to know
  • Our experts will be on hand to talk you through the report to ensure that you understand 
  • We’ll then let you know what the best solution to your issue is
  • With your go-ahead, we’ll complete the works and back them up with a 20-year guarantee 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a damp survey take?

A thorough damp report by a certified professional will take around 2 to 3 hours. Every nook and cranny of your home will be inspected for moisture and assessed for damage. Get a damp proofing quote from a certified company to make sure you get the best service.

Why should you have experts check for damp in a House

You need an expert surveyor to check your home to ascertain no stone is left unturned. Missing out on a damp spot will render any job useless because things can escalate rapidly once again. If you want things done right and avoid back jobs that cost money and impinge on your time, get professional help.

Will house insurance cover rising damp?

If you’re wondering if damp testing is something you pay for out of pocket, the answer is yes. After all, it’s not something that’s covered by home insurance. Fortunately, you can find qualified experts who can give you the services you need without breaking the bank. Contact our team for a certified surveyor to learn more.

How much does a damp survey cost in the UK?

A damp report cost in the UK is between £150 and £400. Fortunately, you can get really good service with competitive pricing based on the size of the property for £150 – £300. Don’t delay getting a damp survey if you see signs of dampness in your home to avoid exacerbating the problem.

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