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When it comes to dealing with damp issues in your home or commercial property, you can’t afford to ignore the problem or invest in poor recommendations. 

Advanced Damp proofing Putney has a team of expert damp specialists, who assess your property, identify the problem at hand, and then put together recommendations along with an action plan to eliminate the damp and protect the structure from succumbing to damage in the future. Our professional damp specialists Putney have been serving property owners around the area for more than three decades. 

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Putney Damp treatment

Damp is highly destructive. Besides looking and smelling unappealing, dampness can weaken the brickwork of the building, plasterwork, and timbers present around it, leading to structural issues that over time become quite difficult to resolve. 

There are three main types of damp- penetrating damp, rising damp, and condensation. Each damp has its own features, and however, when left to its own, the end outcome is always the same. You will begin to notice peeling of wallpaper, bubbling paint or plaster, tide marks on your walls, discoloured patches on ceiling or walls, black mould, green mildew, or musty smell, then it shows that your building needs some kind of damp proofing. 

Our team of damp experts is good at treating and preventing dampness from occurring in your building. Our Putney-based damp proofing experts have the experience and knowledge to identify the right cause of damp and provide you with sound suggestions to get rid of damp and protect your property.

At Advanced Damp Putney, our experts offer efficient, fast, and reliable damp proofing services. So, when you choose our damp proofing services in Putney, you will know that the services you receive are the best. 

Advanced Damp specialists Putney provide high standards of quality. Our damp-proof experts in Putney, London know all the remedial treatments and preventive measures that require carrying out correctly. We are committed to changing the standards of damp proofing according to the latest advancements. 

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Causes of damp walls

When there is unwanted excess of moisture present in the air, no way to escape contributes to dampness. The excess moisture can be caused by steam when you shower, bathe, drying clothes inside the house, and cooking. In addition, plumbing problems or defaults in the building structure allowing water into the property can lead to damp problems. Moreover, the most common factors that allow capturing moisture inside the property include leaking roof, poor ventilation, and failed damp proof course, among others like dishwasher and leaking washing machine.

Besides, the weather in Putney, Lodnon is such that it promotes dampness. The property owners in London face the evil problem of dampness commonly. In addition, walls can become damp for several reasons. Damp issues in walls are noticed when damp internal indicators become apparent. These symptoms include damp patches on walls, hygroscopic salt, crumbling plaster, and black mould growth. 

Furthermore, porous bricks, leaking pipes, broken roof tiles, and moisture-rich soil are other reasons that cause dampness. 

Our damp specialists Putney, London, recommend taking precautions once you observe dampness on your wall. For example, you may require damp proofing and timber treatment in your building if its walls are suffering from damp. 

If your Putney property is suffering from damp issues and you need a damp expert to offer efficient and fast damp proofing solutions to fix the problem, then our damp experts are here to help you. First, our damp site surveyors will inspect the property and find the reasons behind the damp. After that, they will provide you with a comprehensive plan of action with recommended solutions. 

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Damp proof course (DPC)

Identifying the type of damp proofing you require is a difficult task, especially for those who are professionals. Signs of rising damp, penetrating damp, and condensation can look exceptionally similar and require various damp proofing techniques. 

Damp proofing is referred to any activity aimed at doing away with the damp on the walls. Most of the time, when it comes to damp proofing, it is pointed to a remedial damp proof course. It is a type of waterproofing in which a barrier is placed in a wall to prevent damp in the ground to move up the wall by capillary action and causing unhealthy and unsightly damage to your building. 

A damp proof course is a damp proofing treatment that is installed to treat rising damp. However, it is only effective against rising dampness and might not help other damp conditions such as condensation and penetrating dampness. So, contact our damp proof experts in Putney before you plan on getting a DPC installed. Discuss your damp problem with a qualified and licensed damp specialist who could potentially save you from ineffective and unnecessary treatment.

Furthermore, a damp proof membrane is high-density polythene and is impervious to water ingress and the contaminants involved. It makes damp proof membrane a perfect material to treat damp problems, including rising and penetrating dampness. After repairing the bumpy surface, the membrane is installed to internal walls and creates a cavity allowing moisture to evaporate from the walls.

Apart from damp proof course injection and damp proof membrane installation, our experts at Advanced Damp Putney offer a mortar injection damp proof course and electro-osmotic damp proof course.

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Damp survey testing with a damp meter. moisture readings are high.

Damp Surveyors Putney

As damp course specialists in Putney, we take care of your property damp for free for 20 years. In addition, we offer a twenty-year guarantee for all our damp work carried out on your building for free. Besides, we also offer waterproof, damp injection services. We also have a team of damp specialists to treat damp in basements of your buildings, including the installation of damp proof membranes. 

Advanced Damp Company in London is qualified according to the highest trading British Standard. We are a family-run damp firm in London with over 30 years of experience. We aim to offer you long-term damp solutions and provide services that last you a lifetime and gives your house protection from dampness. 

Damp experts at Advanced Damp offer free quotes on all our damp services in Putney. So we are just a call away. 

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