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Damp always brings a collection of problems that are bad enough to harm your property and your life. When damp appears on the walls’ surface, the first thing you should do is call over professional assistance to diagnose the correct treatment and investigate the property. Failing to do so on-time will invite damp-related problems like mould, blisters, stains, unpleasant odours, health conditions, etc.

Though there are multiple ways to deal with damp, you should hire a professional damp company for a comprehensive solution. If you live in Buckingham and having damp problems in your home, then Advanced Damp is your best option. We offer professional Damp Proofing Buckingham services to keep your property protected from the wreath of damp. 

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Qualified Buckingham Damp Proofers

One of the causes of dampness on the walls is water and moisture in the wall bottom. As the moisture from the water trapped underneath keeps increasing, it starts moving upwards. Such damp is called rising damp and can rise to 5 meters in height.

Having rising dampness in the wall causes many problems like flaking plaster, wallpaper not sticking to the wall, wet patches, etc. If your walls are showing such signs, it indicates that you have rising dampness in them.

If you are not sure what kind of damp it is and how to deal with it, get in touch with our specialists! We can identify the cause behind the rising damp and the severity of the problem, helping you deal with it effectively. What makes our services great is that we help you prevent future occurrences of such an issue by fixing the cause.

Do you live in Buckingham and encounter damp problems? If so, then hire Advanced Damp for high-quality and professional Damp Proofing Buckingham services.

Penetrating Damp Treatment

When you have cracks in the wall’s external section, and leakage happens in the water-carrying pipes running close to the wall, moisture infiltrates into the cracks and causes damp. Penetrating damp can be very troublesome, and it’s important to locate the source before treating the water ingress issues.

Poor drainage systems or defective plumbing are the most probable causes of leakage. When water starts leaking, porous bricks and poor masonry work let water infiltrate and cause dampness on the wall or floor’s surface. Penetrating damp must be dealt with according to the cause behind it, and that’s where Advanced Damp helps you. We offer 

When you experience damp problems and call over our specialists, they conduct a thorough inspection of the areas experiencing damp. We only proceed with the Damp Proofing work once the root cause is taken care of.

Visit our waterproof wall coating page to find out more about our specialist treatment to prevent penetrating damp.

damp proofing Aylesbury
Penetrating damp proofing aylesbury

Condensation Treatment & Control

One of the most common types of damp is condensation. When there’s poor ventilation in the room and excess moisture in the air, it makes great damp conditions. When the temperature falls, condensation rises. You might notice your room window foggy or having tiny water drops on it every morning during the winter. If this happens, then your walls might get damp.

If it’s colder in your surroundings with excess moisture in the air and your room has poor ventilation, then it’s common to experience dampness. Typically, it doesn’t cause damp problems immediately, but condensation’s consistent happening can lead to damp problems.  If you live in Buckingham and seek Damp Proofing Buckingham services, get in touch with Advanced Damp for help and advice of a damp specialist for the required treatment.

Damp Surveys by our vetted experts

Do you own beautiful home or building? If so, then one of the things you need to be concerned about is dampness. It’s one of the common problems that homeowners face. When the walls, floor, or ceiling of your home have damp, you face many problems. Damp problems don’t only affect your home’s structural strength, beauty, and hygiene but also reduce the appeal and value.

If you own a home in Buckingham and are worried about its protection from damp problems, then having a damp survey of your home is the right way to determine everything. At Advanced Damp, we have damp experts and surveyors that are qualified to conduct a thorough inspection of your home to find potential damp symptoms.

With our damp survey, you get to know whether there’s dampness in your house or not, its causes, and the right way to deal with it. Our damp survey services save you from the loss of money and keep you safe from stress. 

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