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We offer Damp Proofing Solutions in Slough.

Advanced Damp is a leading damp proofing company in Slough. A large number of people in Slough face problems due to the build-up of excess moisture. Our comprehensive range of solutions will help you deal with damp issues effectively.

With our many years of expertise and experience, we ensure high-quality solutions and services to our customers. We help maintain your property for years to come. We are a rising damp company that guarantees the best possible damp solutions.

Repairing damp walls

Damp Proofing Treatment

Are you in Slough and need help getting Rid of Damp Patches?

Damp problems are caused due to several reasons like internal condensation, heavy downpour, damaged roof tiles, intrusion from the exterior of the property, etc. When you find a damp patch on your wall, that’s when you need an expert to solve such problems.

Our damp proofing specialists are fully trained and qualified to diagnose and assess the cause of the problem and provide an effective damp proofing treatment. Our team of damp specialists offers reliable, precise, and cost-effective damp proofing solutions in Slough.

Rising Damp

Damp Side Effects

Treating Rising Damp

rising damp

Rising damp is caused when water gets absorbed by a building’s material. This adversely impacts the ground floor walls regardless of age. The groundwater moves upwards through the masonry via capillary action. If untreated, rising damp may become a danger to your home because of the accumulation of dry rot or wet rot.

Advanced Damp are experts in rising damp treatment. Our team of surveyors provides accurate advice and thorough treatment after carefully analysing your building. We ensure effective damp-proof courses and follow maintenance procedures to fix rising damp problems.

Is your building suffering from rising damp? Call us on 07562719091 and book an appointment.

Penetrative damp Company

Penetrative Damp

Need help with Penetrative problems?

Penetrative damp happens when water infiltrates an external wall and seeps into your building. This usually happens due to cracked pointing, defective seals, blocked weep holes, or defects in roof tiles.

Moreover, water can seep through when the building’s external walls are highly damaged. It is also known as rain penetration.

If you encounter damp musty smells, damp wall insulation, accumulation of black mould, you should be concerned as your building is probably affected by penetrative damp and needs immediate treatment.

As a leading damp company in Slough, we conduct penetrative damp surveys to devise an effective treatment plan as per your property’s needs. Our team at Advanced Damp are damp specialists that ensure protection from penetrative damp.

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Condensation in Slough


Condensation is a well-known and common damp problem. It takes place when high levels of warm air get trapped inside a building. When the air touches cold surfaces like walls or windows, it results in condensed moisture.

Though many people open doors and windows to solving this problem, sometimes the problem is quite persistent and serious and demands expert condensation treatment. Our Damp specialists at Advanced Damp will examine your entire property to evaluate the level of condensation accumulated using appropriate tools and devices.

Severe condensation can result in peeling decorations and damage to timber and plastic. To avoid such damages, reach out to us for an effective and reliable condensation treatment and get expert advice on condensation.

Call us on 07562719091 to get the best condensation treatment for your building.

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Advanced damp were a very knowledgable damp company. Not only did they fix our damp problems but they they gave us great advice on keeping away future damp issues.
John Bennett
Aylesbury, Bucks
Sam and his team were brilliant, they did an extremely good job in terrible weather and the results are great. Would recommend to all. Cheers guys.
Adrian McCarter
Watford, Herts
The team arrived on time, looked at the problem and informed me on what was needed to fix it. They resolved my damp and left me with instructions for further actions. very happy with the job!
David Hanley
Tring, Herts

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