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We’re a leading family-run damp company based in St. Albans and working throughout the local counties. Our local team of damp specialists provide exclusive advice and guarantee-backed repairs for all your damp problems, including rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation damage. Backed with our immense experience in the field, we are equipped with all essential skills to resolve not only damp issues but also other associated property problems.

Adding to our long-standing credibility, we are a registered  Trustmark contractor and qualified Property Care Association, damp specialists. Our British Structural Waterproofing  Association membership is another feather in our cap.

About Advanced Damp In St. Albans

Experienced damp specialists

Damp walls in your home are not only a nuisance but can also become extremely damaging to you home if left untreated. A simple issue like dampness, if left unattended, will ruin your beautiful walls. Our damp proofers will tackle dampness right at the initial stages, before it advances to ugly watermarks, blisters and mould.

We completely understand your worries and are here to help with our industry vetted solutions in damp proofing and property preservation. Our qualified surveyors are swift in diagnosing your problem and can instantly come up with precise solutions. Thanks to our work ethic and highly skilled expertise we hold a 100% 5-star rating and amazing feedback from customers.

If your home is in or nearby to St Albans, do not worry. If you are facing a damp issue, we’re just a call away. Get in touch and our damp specialists will be at your door for a free survey in no time! Call 076562719091 or Email us advanceddamptring@gmail.com.

Rising Damp

Damp Side Effects

damp property?

Rising Damp treatment

Damp patches, paint peeling off, stained walls, wet carpet or floor covering, or a damp rotting plaster –each one of these are initial stages of rising damp in your home. You need to buckle up and take action right away before the rising damp becomes a full-fledged dampness issue!

If you’re wondering what causes rising damp to occur, the reason is pretty simple – groundwater seeps up to your floors and into your walls through the capillaries in masonry. Leaving this unattended would only worsen the rising damp and turn into a serious problem. Now comes the next question – how should you prevent and treat rising damp? Get in touch with us and we will discuss the options available to treat your rising damp.

We are a reputable damp company, with a team of highly trained and certified damp surveyors. Once we are on-site, our surveyors not only analyse and zero down on the cause of your rising damp but also immediately swing into action to fix the detected issue.

Don’t wait! Give us a call and get rid of your rising damp right away. Speak to a professional damp proofer on 07562719091.

Penetrative damp treatment In St. Albans

Penetrating Damp

This is another common type of damp which is caused by water infiltrating your property through an external wall. The causes of penetrative damp vary – a leaking roof, leaking pipe, poorly constructed gutter channel, holes in the chimney or even a degraded wall, allowing easy penetration of water into the wall.

Figuring out the exact cause of penetrative damp can be tedious. It’s best you leave this in the hands of experienced professionals, who can offer prompt diagnostic as well as restorative solutions

And when it comes to experience and promptness, call us for immediate advice on how to fix your penetrating damp – Call Advanced Damp to speak to a qualified and experienced damp proofer.

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Managing and solving condensation

Condensation Control

This is a very natural phenomenon where warm air is converted into water droplets the moment it hits cooler temperatures. As beautiful as this sounds, it can wreak havoc when this wetness enters your house and ends up as nasty damp.

While poor ventilation is a known cause of condensation, it is always advisable to call in the professionals as soon as you come across the issue. The damp expert will extensively check your property inside out, quickly identifying the type of damp it is and the proper ways to counter it.

Our damp company in St. Albans believe in smart work. With our Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Cards, we can pin down the cause of the damp in no time, and help fix the issue as soon as possible.

Why ruin the aesthetics of your building when you can seek help from us right away? Call Advanced Damp and we’ll be right there to help you out!

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Advanced damp were a very knowledgable damp company. Not only did they fix our damp problems but they they gave us great advice on keeping away future damp issues.
John Bennett
Aylesbury, Bucks
Sam and his team were brilliant, they did an extremely good job in terrible weather and the results are great. Would recommend to all. Cheers guys.
Adrian McCarter
Watford, Herts
The team arrived on time, looked at the problem and informed me on what was needed to fix it. They resolved my damp and left me with instructions for further actions. very happy with the job!
David Hanley
Tring, Herts

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