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Are you experiencing mould in your home? 

Mould problems are extremely common in homes without correct ventilation and high humidity levels. Our mould removal specialists have over 30 years experience with all kinds of mould treatment. Our goal is to tackle the issue from the source and find a long term fix to your common house mould.


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Black mould treatment

Mould can easily be removed in the short term with DIY mould killers but the issues lie with the low strength ingredients, and the source of the problem having not been solved. 

Without the correct treatment, mould will spread extremely quickly and wear away at parts of your home. The longer mould is left untreated, the harder it becomes to remove in the future. Mould also has serious consequences on your health and respiratory system. Breathing in black mould over long periods can cause asthma and other related problems to your breathing.

mould causing cracking around a window

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At Advanced damp, we recognise that mould problems can be frustrating and always reappearing in areas of your home. Industry DIY killers are not a long term fix to mould, unfortunately without finding the source you will never see the end of it.

At Advanced damp we used specialised treatments to remove the source of the moisture that is causing the bacteria growth in your home. Our mould professionals begin each job with a survey to diagnose the issue, we will then be able to offer you an effective long-term solution for your property. 

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Advanced Damp offer Specialist mould removal and treatment to protect your home!

how to fix mould?

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Mould control tips and advice

We have created a list of useful tips to help avoid the growth of mould in your property:
  •  Regularly open your windows and doors to allow air flow into your home, especially in kitchens and bathrooms where humidity levels become higher. 
  • Where possible clothes should be dried outside your house to avoid excess steam. If it is not possible to dry them outside then windows should be open to release steam from the property. 
  • Use extractor fans when you are cooking to enhance air flow and. boiling kettles are frying food are some of the biggest releasers.

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