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Condensation happens when water vapour within the building does not have adequate means of evaporating, thereby resulting in moisture in the air before condensing on surfaces as liquid.  When we cook food, boil water, bath with hot water and even use the washing machine, there is a likelihood that these seemly light tasks are also causing condensation to occur. This leads to the growth of mould and other condensation problems. 

Condensation Problems

Research has shown that condensation is widespread in the UK, and one of the major reason for dampness. Condensation is a natural process whereby warm vapour in the air turn into water as the vapour touches surfaces of colder temperature. Though the vapour is directly related to our everyday activities, proper ventilation will greatly increase the chances of condensation within the house. Poor ventilation is therefore the main reason for condensation damp and its attendant problems. As we continue to insulate our buildings to keep warm, we unfortunately also trap water vapour that will eventually lead to condensation and ultimately dampness if not checked. While we may not avoid such activities as cooking, bathing and washing, the adverse effects of condensation damp like health challenges and mould growth may require the involvement of professionals, especially in persistent situations.

In minor cases, condensation can be reduced by reducing some activities that release water vapour into the air as well as allowing fresh air into the house, thereby allowing the vapour escape out of the building. While this may look simple, implementation may be a challenge. First, vapour releasing activities include such things as mere breathing and other basic activities that support living. Secondly, ventilation is consequent upon the structural design, weather conditions and a lot more.

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While our condensation professionals are always on hand to assist, we still advocate behavioural changes as a first step towards addressing the problem. You may want to check the conditions of your air vents. Can you limit the vapour that escapes from your kitchen into other rooms? Ventilating the bathroom after a shower can go a long way into reducing condensation, same as drying your clothes outside. Cleaning surfaces where dampness is noticed is another great way of reducing further escalation of the situation. We will be delighted to review your situation and provide workable behavioural adjustments as a first step towards solving the problem, before employing any professional techniques.

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How we solve condensation damp problems?

It is customary at Advanced Damp LTD to start our projects with a thorough investigation of the situation.  Our team of certified experts will investigate and identify the source of the dampness. By investigating and eliminating variables that points to other forms of damps, we will ensure a proper diagnosis of the challenge and subsequently resolve the problem. Our surveyors are not only highly trained but are also certified by relevant certification institutions, to accurately analyse and identify the reasons of your damp problems. We diagnose a condensation problem using the Temperature and Humidity data logger cards.


Apply anti condensation paint

Our highly effective paint, when applied controls heat flow therefore prevents condensation. It creates a thermal barrier on the wall, reducing heat loss from the wall. Because the wall does not have a lower temperature as the surrounding air within the house, condensation on them becomes impossible. You will be left with an energy retaining wall, reducing your heating bills and also preventing fungal and mould.


Positive pressure ventilation

Here we install positive pressure ventilation units in a position of the building. This will circulate clean and dry air to every room in the house thereby eliminating condensation problems. An interesting thing about this system is that it does not make noise, it operates at a whisper level and still gives your building that fresh and refreshing smell.


Heat recovery ventilation

We usually place this type of ventilation system in areas of the house where there is high humidity like the bathroom and kitchen, this heat recovery unit extract moist air from rooms and save heat heat at the same time. This heat on a good day would have been lost through the use of fans. It therefore solves two problems at once, (the problem of condensation and heat loss) allowing you to save cost and energy.