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Are you in the process of purchasing or renovating a commercial property? Have the architect, building surveyor, Mortgage Company, or bank asked for a report on damp and timber? At Advanced Damp, we offer complete commercial damp proofing & treatment. In addition, our experts carry out independent surveys on all types of projects, from schools to office complexes. Our commercial damp proofing specialists can help you treat your damp problems and protect your commercial premises. 

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Commercial damp proofing specialists

Commercial buildings like hotels, offices, or hospitals can experience damp due to several reasons. The common culprits are poor architectural design, faulty construction, and clogged drains. The building materials tend to absorb moisture from leaks, rains, groundwater, and other water sources. Poor choice of materials can leave the property vulnerable in rainy seasons. Either way, it brings trouble for businesses as damp environments are a breeding ground for fungi and mould. 

Typically, three types of damp are found in the properties such as penetrating damp, rising damp, and condensation. Penetrating damp is caused when water is infiltrated into the property through exterior walls, roof leaks, cracks, and more. The most common is the rising damp that occurs when the water passes through the brick and mortar and rises upward by capillary action. Finally, condensation occurs when the warm air full of moisture is generated from household activities such as cooking, bathing, drying wet clothes inside the house, or using a kettle for boiling—the water droplets formed on the cool surfaces like walls, ceilings, and windows.

All of these damp types have similar symptoms, which are difficult to differentiate. Therefore, while surveying, our commercial damp proofing experts find the source of dampness and also suggest to you the plan of action for its treatment and prevention in the future. 

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Experts in commercial property care

Problems of damp and timber decay bother the owners and are also a big issue for the business operators. Regardless of the cause of damp, the source needs to be identified correctly so that you can deal with the issues properly and save the property from damages caused by damp. If you leave damp untreated for an extended period, it will develop mould and cause severe structural damage to the property. 

Mould contamination will give a poor aesthetic look to your business and causes cosmetic damages to the commercial property. But, most importantly, it can compromise the health of your employees, customers, and guests. This is why the businesses must take extensive measures to prevent water damages by damp proofing the structure. 

If you suffer from dry rot or wet rot, it is due to the prolonged damp as the two occur together. Advanced Damp offer thorough damp, timber and thermal imaging survey services for commercial buildings. Our damp and timber experts help find the source of cause and propose efficient and quick remedies to the problem. But, of course, we take all care not to disrupt your everyday business operation as much as possible. 

Are you observing wet rot in your office? Call us now for commercial damp proofing experts!

Signs of damp and timber decay

It is often more challenging to identify the signs of timber decay and dampness in a commercial building than in-home due to the limited access. However, when you start observing apparent signs of timber decay and dampness, it should be taken care of instantly before it worsens and causes severe damages. 

The symptoms of damp are as follows:

  • Musty smell
  • Tide marks
  • Patchy wallpaper
  • Peeling of plaster and wallpaper
  • Yellowish water stains
  • Black mould
  • Decaying skirting board

Dry rot and wet are the most common and severe issues of timber decay. It can cause severe damage to the property’s structural foundation if left untreated. Dampness is the leading cause of both the wood rots. 

Wet rot shows signs of black fungus confined to an area. On the other hand, dry rot has yellowish fungi when exposed to light and spreads to other parts of the building, unlike wet rot. 

For correct diagnosis, call our damp experts, and they will help you get rid of them.

Advanced Damp has over three decades of experience in damp proofing and eliminating timber decay in commercial as well as residential properties. Our experts offer services in London and South England, including the surrounding areas. We take pride in offering complete satisfaction to our clients. As a result, advanced Damp has a happy fleet of clients. 

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Commercial Damp Proofing - FAQs

What is commercial damp proofing?

Commercial damp proofing applies specialized treatments and techniques to commercial buildings to prevent moisture infiltration into the property. These techniques include installing damp-proof courses, water-proofing membranes, and other moisture control measures.

Why do commercial properties in London need damp proofing?

London’s climate, characterized by high humidity and frequent rain, makes buildings prone to damp problems. In commercial properties, this can lead to structural damage, unhealthy working conditions, and aesthetic issues. Therefore, damp proofing is essential to protect the property and ensure a healthy indoor environment.

What types of damp problems can commercial damp proofing address?

Commercial damp proofing can address various damp problems such as rising damp, penetrating damp, and condensation. Each type of damp requires a unique solution, which a professional damp proofing company can provide.

How much does commercial damp proofing in London cost?

The cost of commercial damp proofing in London varies greatly depending on the property’s size, the damp problem’s severity, and the chosen solution. Contacting a professional damp proofing company for a detailed quote is best.

How can I find a reliable commercial damp proofing service in London?

When looking for a reliable commercial damp proofing service in London, consider the company’s reputation, certifications, customer reviews, and whether they guarantee their work. Advanced Damp is a trusted commercial damp proofing specialist in London. Call us now for commercial damp proofing solutions.

How long does commercial damp proofing last?

The longevity of commercial damp proofing varies based on the type of treatment applied, but a high-quality damp proofing solution should last many years. Some damp proofing treatments come with a guarantee of up to 20-30 years.

Will commercial damp proofing disrupt my business operations?

Professional damp-proofing companies strive to minimize disruption to your business operations. However, some level of disruption may be inevitable depending on the severity of the damp problem and the required treatment. Discussing this with the company is best to plan the work at the most convenient time.

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