Is Rising Damp Covered By Insurance?

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Key Takeaways: Exclusion of Rising Damp in Home Insurance: Rising damp is not covered by standard home insurance due to its gradual nature, contrasting with sudden, accidental events like fires or burst pipes that insurance typically covers.  Importance of Property Condition in Insurance Coverage: House insurance policies may not cover rising damp if the property […]

Rising Damp Not Picked Up On Survey

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Key Takeaways: Significance of Undetected Rising Damp: If rising damp goes unnoticed in a property survey, it poses a serious concern as it has the potential to cause structural damage and compromise the overall integrity of the building.  Factors Contributing to Non-Detection: Various factors may contribute to rising damp not being identified in a survey.  […]

How to Treat Rising Damp?

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Key Takeaways: Understanding Rising Damp: Rising damp is a unique form of moisture affecting building walls, characterised by the upward movement of groundwater through microscopic tubes in bricks, akin to a straw network.  Identifying Rising Damp: Visible signs of rising damp include plaster and paint damage, wallpaper detachment, visible stains resembling tide marks, salt deposits […]

Can Water Leak Cause Rising Damp?

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Key Takeaways: Rising Damp and Water Leaks: Water leaks, especially from pipelines, damaged gutters, or roofs, can contribute to rising damp in walls.  Primary Culprit: Water leaks, such as those from leaking pipes or cracked drains, can be a primary cause of rising damp.  Immediate Action Required: Identifying and addressing water leaks promptly is crucial […]

What are the Signs of Rising Damp?

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Key Takeaways: Wet Patches Indicate Rising Damp: Wet or damp patches on walls, particularly at the ground level, serve as a clear sign of rising damp.  Tidemarks and Stains as Visible Clues: Rising damp often manifests as tidal markings on walls, resulting from damp evaporation and salt migration. Tidemarks are visible up to about one […]

Is Rising Damp Covered By Home Insurance?

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Key Takeaways: No doubt, rising damp is a scenario no homeowner wants to experience ever. Though it’s relatively rare, you will need to pay a hefty cost for treating this headache. Given that, many people wonder, ‘Is rising damp covered by home insurance?’. If you’re one of them, don’t worry; we’re here for your guidance. […]

Is Rising Damp Real?

Is Rising Damp Real

Key Takeaways: As a homeowner, wall dampness might be one of the major concerns to bother you. While there are multiple types of it, rising damp emerges as the most controversial one. Wondering why? Well, it’s a relatively rare phenomenon that can cause severe damage to a building’s internal walls, plaster, flooring, and decor. However, […]

What Does Damp Smell Like | Identifying and Interpreting Damp Odours

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Key Takeaways: Damp is one of those issues that can go untreated and undetected for years, especially if DIY isn’t your strongest point. There’s no judgements or anything like that here though folks, all we want to do is show you how you can get on top of things and put damp back in its […]

Is Efflorescence a Sign of Damp?

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Key Takeaways: Good question! In simple, everyday terms efflorescence is just a fancy trade name for having water in your walls. Any talk of long-term water exposure instantly makes many of us panic and start thinking about penetrating damp, rising damp and toxic black mould, but is that what we’re really talking about here? Is […]

Battling Bedroom Damp: Causes, Cures, and Prevention Tactics

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Key Takeaways: Are persistent damp issues ruining your bedroom’s comfort? The culprit of damp bedroom issues is often excess moisture and chilly surfaces, leading to condensation, Moisture walls, and dreaded black mould. Don’t fret; you’re not alone in this battle. Whether from internal humidity or external sources like leaky roofs, dampness in the bedroom is […]

Rising Damp: How to Choose a Specialist Near Me

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Key Takeaways: When you notice patches of damp appearing on the walls of your home, it can be worrying. Rising damp is a serious issue that requires professional expertise to fix, but how do you know which specialist to call? There are a few key things to consider when choosing an expert you can trust […]

How to Treat Rising Damp in an Old House?

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Key Takeaways: So you’ve finally bought that charming old house you’ve always dreamed of. The architectural details, the mature trees in the garden, the sense of history – everything is perfect. Well, it’s almost perfect. There’s that worrying damp patch in the basement that won’t go away. Rising damp is the bane of old houses, […]

Why Is My Plaster Bubbling? How to fix bubbling plaster

Why Is My Plaster Bubbling?

Key Takeaways: Isn’t it extremely depressing to look at a freshly painted wall and discover bubbles and blisters where the paint isn’t adhering properly?  This, my friends, is frequently caused by dirt that is hiding beneath the paint, improper wall priming, or even painting over a moist patch. But do not worry! Bubbles in paint […]

How Can You Stop Damp in Your House?


Key Takeaways: Many individuals have had damp in their houses, and it is never a pleasant experience. Damp can completely alter the experience of living in your own home through its appearance, odour and health-related concerns. Damp can cause significant structural damage to your building in addition to destroying your walls, plaster, furniture, décor, and […]

What are the Damp Patches on my Walls After It Rains?

penetrating damp on exterior brickwork

Key Takeaways: Have you ever noticed yellow streaks appearing or damp patches on the wall after heavy rain? It is a result of moisture present in your walls caused by water ingress. Damp can attack both your external and internal walls rendering them wet for several reasons. Many factors cause enough moisture in the property, […]

Diagnosing damp problems – What are the signs & causes?

diagnosing damp and mould on walls

How do I diagnose damp problems in my house? Damp is one of the last things you want to experience in your home. Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, it’s not good as it can make a room feel unwelcome, cold, and unhealthy, and, at worst, it can mean water damage and structural […]

How to Prevent Damp in 2024 | 9 Free Tips From the Experts

damp survey prevention in house

How do I stop damp in my house? Key Takeaways: Damp prevention is one of the most common concerns for many homeowners in the UK. Besides affecting and damaging the foundation of your property, damp problems give out a nasty and misty smell and can cause serious health problems. Furthermore, if not taken care of […]

What Causes Rising Damp on Internal Walls? Damp Patches

rising damp internal wall damage. Wall is showing flaking paint and bad defects

Discover the root causes of rising damp on internal walls, learn to identify its telltale signs, and explore effective solutions to prevent and treat this common household issue. Key Takeaways: What Causes Rising Damp On internal Walls? Most properties built in the UK have a barrier known as DPC (damp proof course) placed at the […]