How to Treat Condensation on Walls

Condensation on Walls

Key Takeaways: Introduction Are you dealing with persistent wall condensation? The frustration of finding moisture build-up or mould creeping onto your walls isn’t uncommon. You’re not alone in this. Wall condensation poses problems when left unattended. This guide dives into the root causes behind this issue and offers actionable advice on prevention and treatment. Understanding […]

Does Opening Windows Reduce Damp?

Opening Windows Reduce Damp

Key Takeaways: A typical concern in homes is dampness, which can result in several problems like structural damage, the growth of mould, and even health hazards. A common question is whether opening windows might aid in reducing moisture. While opening windows can be helpful in some circumstances, it might not be the best way to […]

Why Is There Damp Near My Window?

Damp Near My Window

Key Takeaways: As the colder months roll in, you may start to notice the appearance of moisture near your windows. The main reason for wetness on window frames is usually insufficient airflow, which leads to a lot of moisture in the air on internal walls and causes water droplets to form. Other things like insufficient […]

Window Condensation Absorber: Stopping Condensation on Windows Overnight

window condensation absorber

Key Takeaways: Never heard of them? Well, now you have! Window condensation absorbers are a new type of gadget that you’ll have seen in plenty of homemade guises over the years. You know how it goes: the weather takes a turn outside, the nights close in, and the condensation begins to build up on the […]

How To Stop Condensation On Windows In The Winter?

Condensation On Windows

Key Takeaways: Condensation on windows is a common problem during the winter, especially in regions with cold temperatures and high humidity. If the condensation is left untreated, it could lead to mould growth, rotting wood frames, and even damage to household items such as curtains and carpets. So, how to stop condensation on windows in […]

Condensation in Loft – The Ultimate Guide

a plastic window with condensation of water on the glass. Double glazed PVC window. Concept:

Key Takeaways: Condensation in lofts is a common issue in many residences, particularly during the winter seasons. This happens when warm air from occupied areas ascends and interacts with cooler loft surfaces, leading to moisture condensing and building up on these surfaces. If not treated properly, damp timbers could become a significant concern. << Similar […]

Why Does Condensation Get Worse In The Winter?

Why Does Condensation Get Worse In The Winter

Key Takeaways: Combating the dreaded condensation is one of the top concerns for homeowners, landlords, and tenants as the outside temperature decreases.  Condensation is expected to be more visible in the winter due to higher indoor humidity and cooler outdoor temperatures. Fear not, though, as the good news is that minimising condensation can frequently be […]