How long does plastering take to dry? | UK Plastering Guide

how long does it take to dry plastering

Key Takeaways: When you want to give your home a long overdue facelift and get all of your finishes looking their best, plastering is often on your to-do list. It’s messy, time-consuming and can make you feel like you’re having to take several steps back before you can resume going forwards. Put those frustrations to […]

What is a Damp Proof Course | Types of DPC

chemical damp proof course

Key Takeaways: Dampness in buildings can cause structural damage and health risks. Moisture can infiltrate walls, floors, and foundations without a damp-proof course, creating damp patches, mould, and dry rot. This damages the building and makes residents sick. Preventing these issues and guaranteeing a building’s durability and habitability requires a properly installed and maintained, damp-proof […]

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