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How much does damp proofing cost? Costs of damp treatments

How much does damp proofing cost?

Unwanted moisture or water in the property can cause structural damage if not treated. In the UK, damp is a major problem due to the climate. It is responsible for unhealthy and cold conditions in many homes. If you suspect dampness in your building, it is crucial to get a surveyor to investigate the issue. 

Every homeowner shudders at the thought of damp. When they hear ‘damp,’ they imagine difficult and costly procedures, along with the mess and chaos in the house as damp professionals fix the problem. 

So, how much does it cost to damp proof your wall

A seemingly simple question on the face of it should have a simple answer. Nevertheless, suppose you have ever tried getting a rough estimate from a damp contractor. In that case, you will find soon that damp-related property damage can be a complex issue as it doesn’t follow the philosophy of one-size-fits-all. 

There is a world of difference between the cost of adding a whole new damp proofing and sorting out a minor condensation issue to get rid of potentially dangerous concerns of penetrating damp. Generally, it is seen that rising damp are often expensive.

This read will help you to understand how much a damp specialist charges and what you can anticipate for damp proofing work so that you can set a budget for your project.

costs of hiring a damp proofing specialist
Costs of hiring a damp proofing specialist

Damp survey costs:

For a damp survey, the cost mainly depends on the size of your property and location. If you have a large property, the survey charges will be much more than the small apartment as it will take more time to survey other properties.

Normally, a 3-bed apartment or house cost around £200 to £250 for a damp survey from a reliable and registered surveyor. However, for smaller apartments such as a two-bedroom apartment, the survey will be quicker, and the damp survey costs will be around £150 to 200. In contrast, large properties or houses could rise to about £400.

As locations also play a major factor in pricing, damp surveys are slightly higher in the South East and London, rising to £350.

Different types of damps and their treatments with estimated charges

Usually, damp is classified into three types- condensation, rising damp, and penetrating damp. Each requires different treatment, causes and so has different costs as well.

Condensation Treatment & Estimated Charges

Perhaps it is the most common type of damp and affects most homes. In condensation, the water present in the air settles on cold surfaces like walls, floors, windows, or ceiling and causes dampness resulting in moulds. This problem can arise due to the various household chores such as cooking, showering, boiling kettles, or drying clothes inside your home. It is more common in cold environments. Homes with proper insulation and double or triple-glazing can absorb the moisture, and you’ll have to hire a damp specialist to treat such issues.

Fortunately, you can treat these issues with minor changes in your lifestyle, and usually, these issues are not that expensive to treat. Some changes you can do to treat this problem include using exhaust fans where possible, keeping your home ventilated, open windows, maintaining adequate indoor temperature or buying a dehumidifier. Usually, these remedies are enough for the problem. 

If the problem has spread, it is advised to hire a damp proofing specialist to treat the problem. The average cost of hiring a damp proofing expert is around £300 to £400 per day. However, of course, this depends on the tradesman’s experience, location, and the extent of the job. 

Penetrating Damp Treatment & Estimated Costs

The second type is penetrating dampness, in which water from the outside seeps into your home and causes damage. Usually, this happens because of damaged tiles, roofs, cracks, openings into the walls, broken windows, or a leaking gutter or pipe. In such cases and after the diagnosis of the problem, it is simple to fix. 

Penetrating damp treatment will cost you between £400 to £4000 depending on your particular problem, plus any redecoration work necessary for your property.

black mould and signs of damp on internal walls of a house

Rising Damp Treatment & Estimated Costs

Lastly, rising damp occurs when the moisture or water from the ground soaks through the foundations and rises through the walls and causes damages. Houses are made with the damp proof course (DPC) above ground level to prevent the moisture and occurrence of damp. However, when DPC get damaged, or the house that lacks damp proof course encounter the rising damp problem. The cost and charges in such cases depend on the severity of the problem, but this can be an extensive repairing job. Rising damp treatment is the most expensive among others.

The process of replacing a DPC is difficult and involves structural work. The common remedy for rising damp is to apply DPC after removing plaster from walls and insert a chemical that acts as a barrier to prevent moisture and damp rising again.

The average cost of DPC is perhaps £280 to £2000 approximately based on the severity of damage and size of the property to be treated. For example, it may cost you around £4200 to damp proof an entire three bedroom semi-detached house. The cost includes new DPC on external and internal walls, labour cost, plastering, and rendering of all the walls. 

Cost of Damp Proofing Specialist for Internal Walls

A major chunk of this work is related to the decoration work after completing the damp proofing process. The estimated cost depends mainly on your area and supplier, but on average, it may cost up to £70 per meter of the wall or around £280 per wall. So for a whole house, the damp proofing specialists will charge thousands when you want to treat every wall in your home.

damp proofing damage which has caused crumbing paint on the bottom of a white wall

Cost of Damp Proofing Specialist for External Walls

If the outside ground level is above the DPC in the wall, the DPC becomes damaged, and moisture or dampness will leak from the ground into the walls. The most common and effective fix for this issue is to dig the ground outside and cover it with concrete slabs or gravel. Here damp proofing specialist will charge for the digging out of the soil around your property. For small houses, it may cost around £500 to £600. Furthermore, adding a concrete path may cost around £2,000 for small properties.

how much does damp proofing cost

How much does damp proofing cost? Other Costs to Consider

As mentioned above, the foremost task is to diagnose the problem. So, seek advice from multiple damp proofing specialists and ask for quotes if you have severe damp issues. Seek their opinion before starting the process.

Lastly, the damp-proofing industry bears a good reputation and can help you out with all problems. But keep in mind that treatment for all issues is not the same, so that the charges may vary from case to case and from expert to expert.

Give us a call and ask for an estimate quote from our damp proofing experts at Advanced Damp. 

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