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Welcome to the Advanced Damp Blog, where we tackle all things related to damp and property care in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way. Our goal is to help you keep your home dry and healthy. From simple DIY tips to professional advice on dealing with rising damp, condensation, mould, and property issues our blog is packed with useful information. We’re here to share our expertise and guide you through the process of identifying, treating, and preventing damp in your home. Stay with us as we uncover the most effective strategies and solutions in damp proofing, ensuring your living space remains comfortable and damp-free.

French Drain

What is a French Drain and how do they work?

Key Takeaways: Effective drainage is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy and stable environment. Among the countless drainage pipe solutions, a French drain stands out as a versatile and efficient system. Luckily, we’re here to cover the details on this topic – from understanding their origins to exploring their

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Hadrobregmus pertinax

What Do Woodworms Look Like? Detailed Guide 2024

Key Takeaways: Woodworm, though diminutive in size, can wreak havoc on timber structures, silently compromising the integrity of your property. Thus, answering “What do woodworms look like?” is essential for early identification and effective treatment of these creatures. Here, we delve into the intricate world of woodworm beetles, unveiling the

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Dry Not

How to Identify and Treat Dry Rot

Key Takeaways: Dry rot is a common problem that affects structures made from timber, causing decay and damage to property. Although it might not be easy to notice, dealing with it quickly is crucial to stop more harm and protect your property’s safety. Recognising dry rot often involves spotting its

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Seasonal Damp Changes

The Impact of Seasonal Damp Changes in Your Home

Key Takeaways   Dampness in homes is a pervasive issue that can lead to various problems, from unpleasant odours to structural damage and potential health risks. Understanding the impact of seasonal damp changes on dampness is crucial for homeowners looking to maintain a dry and healthy living environment. To help

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Damp Survey For Historic Buildings

Damp Survey For Historic Buildings: Special Considerations

Key Takeaways: When it comes to survey historic buildings, preserving their unique charm and historical value is paramount. Such buildings are often susceptible to dampness, which can lead to significant deterioration if left unchecked.  Conducting a damp survey of historic buildings requires special considerations to balance preserving the building’s authenticity

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Damp Surveys in Property Valuation

The Role of Damp Surveys in Property Valuation

Key Takeaways: Damp can lower property value by compromising structural integrity, aesthetics, and maintenance expenses. We examine the importance of damp surveys in property appraisal. Property owners, buyers, and real estate experts must understand damp types, indications, and effects on property components.  We examine case studies and mitigation measures to

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Damp-Related Damages

Navigating Insurance Claims for Damp-Related Damages

Key Takeaways: Welcome to our comprehensive guide on navigating insurance claims for damp-related damages. Dealing with damp issues can be a frustrating and costly experience for homeowners, but understanding the intricacies of insurance coverage can alleviate some of the financial burdens. Whether you’re faced with rising damp, penetrating damp, or

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Environmental Impact of Damp

The Environmental Impact of Damp and How Surveys Help

Key Takeaways: Damp, a pervasive issue in architectural structures, often threatens any building’s integrity and serves as a substantial environmental concern, even leading to health risks through microbial growth.  In the United Kingdom, where damp conditions are prevalent due to the region’s climate, understanding the environmental impact of damp becomes

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Damp Survey Tips

DIY Damp Survey Tips: What Homeowners Need to Know

Key Takeaways: While a damp home is unpleasant and can lead to serious issues like mold growth and structural damage if left untreated, many damp problems can be addressed through simple DIY fixes and surveys. As homeowners, we want to understand the root causes of any moisture issues cropping up

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