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Welcome to the Advanced Damp Blog, where we tackle all things related to damp and property care in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way. Our goal is to help you keep your home dry and healthy. From simple DIY tips to professional advice on dealing with rising damp, condensation, mould, and property issues our blog is packed with useful information. We’re here to share our expertise and guide you through the process of identifying, treating, and preventing damp in your home. Stay with us as we uncover the most effective strategies and solutions in damp proofing, ensuring your living space remains comfortable and damp-free.

Rendering cost

Rendering Exterior Walls – Ultimate Guide

Key Takeaways: Introduction to rendering exterior walls & outside walls Altering and improving your home’s exterior is one of the most effective ways of adding value to your property. A new render is the cheapest way of accomplishing the same. The first thing that any potential buyers or visitors will

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penetrating damp on exterior brickwork

What are the Damp Patches on my Walls After It Rains?

Key Takeaways: Have you ever noticed yellow streaks appearing or damp patches on the wall after heavy rain? It is a result of moisture present in your walls caused by water ingress. Damp can attack both your external and internal walls rendering them wet for several reasons. Many factors cause

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damp walls from not preventing damp in home

How to Tell the Difference between Damp and Condensation

Key Takeaways: Damp and condensation are common problems in the homes of the UK, especially in the South of England. Nevertheless, you should know how to tell the difference between condensation and damp issues that are caused by various factors.  Some issues in UK homes are caused by condensation. In

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damp wall internally

How To Treat Damp Walls Internally?

Key Takeaways: If you’re experiencing damp on your walls, you’re not alone. Damp walls are a common problem that can be caused by a variety of factors such as leaks, condensation, or even the location of your home. Damp on walls can lead to a number of issues including the

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water ingress damp prevention being treated with tanking membrane

How to deal with damp in Homes?

Key Takeaways: Damp is one of the most frequent problems that everyone has encountered at one time or another in their home. It may not seem like a big problem at first. However, Learning how to deal with damp in homes is extremely important for a homeowner. Damp problems can

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damp survey prevention in house

How to Prevent Damp in 2024 | 9 Free Tips From the Experts

How do I stop damp in my house? Key Takeaways: Damp prevention is one of the most common concerns for many homeowners in the UK. Besides affecting and damaging the foundation of your property, damp problems give out a nasty and misty smell and can cause serious health problems. Furthermore,

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rising damp internal wall damage. Wall is showing flaking paint and bad defects

What Causes Rising Damp on Internal Walls? Damp Patches

Discover the root causes of rising damp on internal walls, learn to identify its telltale signs, and explore effective solutions to prevent and treat this common household issue. Key Takeaways: What Causes Rising Damp On internal Walls? Most properties built in the UK have a barrier known as DPC (damp

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