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  • Advanced Damp has been serving the local Bletchley community damp proofing and rising damp treatment for over 30 years. 
  • Our family-run team of damp specialists are vetted and experienced PCA technicians.
  • We have the most affordable rates of damp proofing and rising damp treatment.
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Local damp proofers

Do you have a particular dampness on your walls or roof? If you haven’t figured it out yet, then let us know and we will send a damp surveyor out to your property for a free survey. Your internal walls can absorb moisture over time giving the walls or roofs a constant moist and deteriorating look. Not only does this assist the growth of mould, but it also makes the foundation of walls weaker leading to serious wall damage if left untreated.

Rising damp is a common problem seen in a large amount of houses in the UK. To solve your problem, Advanced Damp proofing in Bletchley is here to help fix your rising damp & Penetrative damp damage. We are located locally in Bletchley and serve all surrounding areas. With our experience of more than fifteen years and superb craftsmanship we take pride in our work. We can turn your walls damp free. Contact us now for a free survey on 0300 373 7251.

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Rising damp in bletchley

At Advanced Damp, we have the highest degree of damp professionals controlling your rising damp. Our team has excelled in this damp removal over the years with the latest damp proofing system. We first examine your property where we think that the dampness has started. Our damp specialists will measure the level of moisture locked inside the wall. We take measures to control its origin and then seal it with high strength damp resistant creams. 

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Rising damp & damp wall solutions

Does your plaster seem swollen at the base of walls. This is because it has soaked up water from bad damp level penetrating your damp course. This is a rising damp problem. We treat it with many different methods depending on our testing analysis.

For rising damp treatment, we have various different treatment methods depending on the severity of rising damp you are home is facing. Our damp proof injections and damp proof courses include 20 year guarantees.

complete wall is suffering from penetrating damp and mould
internal wall rising damp which has damaged the internal wall moisture levels

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Pink paint has cracked and been blown becuase of underlying damp problems in the walls

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Advanced is a damp proof company, and we work at your service 24/7. We take pride in our damp surveyors, technicians, and rising damp specialists. Our team are experienced and highly skilled damp professionals. Get a free survey for your damp property. Call 0300 373 7251.

We offer an extensive range of damp treatments including mould removal, penetrating damp, condensation, rising damp, water ingress, damp proof course installs, damp proof injections and more. Get in touch now!

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Professional Damp Survey

Do you want to get to the root cause of the damp problems appearing in your home? If yes, then you need to get a damp survey for your home. When hiring damp surveyors, it always pays off well to hire experts with experience and reputation in the industry. Thankfully, Advanced Damp provides quality damp surveys backed by years of experience. Our damp survey lets you know whether it’s poor ventilation, plumbing leakage, or heating issue that’s causing damp problems. Our specialists conduct a thorough examination of the whole building and prepare a highly reliable survey report. With our proper damp survey of your home, you can determine the source of the dampness, the severity of the problem, and the best solution to tackle the dampness or moisture. Contact us now for help in Bletchley!

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