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Hertfordshire damp proofing specialists treating exterior damp wall

Waterproof brickwork spraying


Penetrating damp proofing aylesbury

Penetrating damp treatment

Aylesbury, Bucks

water ingress on exterior brickwork of house causing white salts marks to show

Rising damp signs of salts


rising damp on wall has caused mould to appear

Mould and rising damp damage


grey membrane being installed to Damp proof walls Buckingham

Damp proofing membrane


professional damp surveyor testing the walls of a home. Moisture readings are showing 1.0%.

damp survey testing


Advanced damp on high ladder using spray injection to treat damp wall

House waterproofer spray


Advanced Damp worker applying waterproofing wall coating to property

House waterproofing spray


Pink paint has cracked and been blown becuase of underlying damp problems in the walls

Rising damp wall damage


Penetrating damp and rising damp in old houses

Penetrating damp seeping walls


Ultimate guide to residential damp properties

Property mould


costs of hiring a damp proofing specialist

paint peeling from rising damp


damp specialists treating a damp wall by installing a damp course to the outside of a house

Damp proof course


damp proofing course complete by damp proofing specialists

damp proof membrane


internal wall rising damp which has damaged the internal wall moisture levels

Bubbling paintwork from rising damp


complete wall is suffering from penetrating damp and mould

rising damp causing damaged plaster


lower wall has been cracked near the skirting board becuase of rising damp

cracking above skirting board from damp

milton keynes

local homeowner moving into a house and getting a damp proofing survey

Commercial Property survey


damp damage on exterior wall. The wall is having work done to remove the plaster and install a damp treatment

removal of rendering due to damp

leighton buzzzard

damp walls in living room wall of home

wall damp

hemel hempstead

damp proofing treatment is being completed in Milton Keynes

plaster cracking from rising damp


paint flaking from damp walls and black mould is showing

paint peeling from damp walls

st. albans