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Damp within homes is a very common issue. A high amount of damp caused in properties is due to poor maintenance, a lack of adequate ventilation and often in older properties, high ground levels can result in the lack of an effective damp proof course.

Modern houses often have bad ventilation and mixed with poor use of heating can result in condensation problems.

Some properties may have been built without a DPC or those that have been built with one, may find this is no longer working to its full capacity because of changes in ground levels, damage from building renovations or frequently with buildings built on sloping site and hills, the older damp proofing measures are no longer working well enough to meet our modern day standards.

A DPC is a ‘Damp Proof Course’ which is a barrier inserted through the bottom of the wall to prevent water rising from the soil in to the wall. Older properties were not normally built with one, however the were introduced generally from around 1875.

Older Damp proof courses were usually built from slate however in construction nowadays they are made from plastic. When a new DPC is installed as a remedial measure, this is usually installed by making holes into the walls and injecting a waterproof liquid or high strength chemical cream which forms the new damp proof course by creating a strong protection barrier within your wall.

Major issues with damp walls is that timbers in contact with the walls which are susceptible to decay. When damp gets bad, certain levels of dampness may also ruin your decorations and damage plaster work.

We have solutions for several different types of damp proofing in order to provide you with the specific cure for damp you are experiencing. The type of damp treatment you need depends on the problem, the type of construction originally ie brick or stone etc and the arrangements of ground levels and drainage etc.

We carry out damp proof injection using silicone injected DPC and thixotropic damp proofing creams.

Our waterproofing rendering system is an excellent salt barrier and overcomes problems of salt damp in masonry.

Our waterproofing systems include Structural waterproofing systems.

We cover the whole of Oxfordshire, London, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Surrey, and Essex.

If you wish to know more about the services we provide in your area, don’t hesitate to call us on 07562719091.

The majority of properties are very likely to have had a form of damp treatment carried out previously, but this may no longer be sufficient to meet our modern day standards and often alterations carried out during renovations will damage existing damp proof courses and / or remove previous waterproofing.

The addition of new driveways and patios etc often bridges old damp proof courses as ground levels are raised.

Many basements and cellars are now being upgraded into usable space where previously these rooms may have been coal stores or left empty.

If you are unsure whether or not your property has adequate damp proofing systems installed book a survey here.

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Advanced damp were a very knowledgable damp company. Not only did they fix our damp problems but they they gave us great advice on keeping away future damp issues.
John Bennett
Aylesbury, Bucks
Sam and his team were brilliant, they did an extremely good job in terrible weather and the results are great. Would recommend to all. Cheers guys.
Adrian McCarter
Watford, Herts
The team arrived on time, looked at the problem and informed me on what was needed to fix it. They resolved my damp and left me with instructions for further actions. very happy with the job!
David Hanley
Tring, Herts

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