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Advanced Damp is a specialist damp proofing company based in Tring, Hertfordshire. Our team of damp proof experts work across the South East of England. We have been a trusted, family-run damp company for the past 20 years. Our experience in the damp industry holds us as one of the UK market Leaders in high quality damp proofing, wall protection and treatment. With over 1,000 jobs completed and guaranteed each year, our customers can have confidence in our reputation as professional damp proofers.

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Advanced Damp offer Specialist Damp Proofing treatment and comprehensive damp protection for your home!

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Are you worried about a property that you are buying, renovating a building, or fixing a damp wall in a property? Advanced Damp can help. We offer a wide range of damp proofing treatments and our reliable damp specialists are certain to complete the job to the highest degree. We also offer damp rendering treatments and waterproofing for properties suffering from penetrating damp.

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Our professional damp proofers will survey your property and resolve any damp issues that may have happened due to long term dampness. Be assured that we will also propose solutions to fix any internal wall damage caused to the plaster and other parts of your property.

Our damp proofing specialists are PCA qualified and competent surveyors as well as experienced technicians, providing affordable and effective solutions for rising damp, penetrative damp and condensation problems. Contact our office in Tring, Hertfordshire to speak to a professional, regarding the damp services we offer.

Damp Walls

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Damp treatment

We are an experienced and local damp proofing company who have carved a niche for ourselves in the UK market. Our damp proofers treat rising damp using our very successful identification and treatment methods. The phases in our rising damp treatment include eradicating the root of dampness and the fixing of damages already caused by the associated salts. Rising damp can be solved by various ways including the replacement of the physical damp proof course, Damp proof treatments and various other installation methods. The problem can also be tackled by draining the land of any water or through electrical Osmosis systems. Get in touch today to find out more about what damp treatment is needed for your property. Our local Hertfordshire Damp proofing Specialists are available 7 days a week.

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Damp walls

If you discover that your damp proof course has failed for whatever reason, Our damp proofers can recreate a damp proof course within your walls to prevent further damp. Having invested over 60 years in research, we offer the industry best treatments for residential housing. 

Do you have signs of damp appearing on your internal walls? This is the most common sign of damp and if it is not seen to quickly it will deteriorate and make matters worse. Common damp defects are seen within the paint of the wall and include bubbling, cracking, peeling, mould, damp stains, plaster damage and more… 

If damp is left untreated for a long time it can also go on to cause respiratory problems. Contact a professional damp specialist and get free advice on your damp walls.

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Damp Penetration

Also known as water ingress, penetrating damp is the situation where water infiltrates from the outside of a property to the inside. The sources of the infiltration could be from rain penetration to from high ground water levels. This challenge affects all buildings with absorbent walls as solid brick or stone walls. 

damp can be damaging to a property causing wet rot or dry rot issues and black mould growth. Due to increased dampness and humidity levels there could be damage to the plasterwork and masonry. The occupants of your property will experience increased heat loss, have damp musty smells and unsightly water damage the walls of the building. With our wealth of knowledge, you can be assured that our professional damp proofers will resolve your penetrated damp and leave your walls as good as new.

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Advanced damp were a very knowledgable damp company. Not only did they fix our damp problems but they they gave us great advice on keeping away future damp issues.
John Bennett
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Sam and his team were brilliant, they did an extremely good job in terrible weather and the results are great. Would recommend to all. Cheers guys.
Adrian McCarter
Watford, Hertfordshire
The team arrived on time, looked at the problem and informed me on what was needed to fix it. They resolved my damp and left me with instructions for further actions. very happy with the job!
David Hanley
Tring, Hertfordshire

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